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48 Hours In…..Norfolk

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48 Hours In…..Norfolk

Norfolk coast

Nestled on the eastern coast of England, Norfolk is a county adorned with picturesque landscapes, charming villages and a rich history. From the green forests to cliffs and coves, you are surrounded by a contrast of foliage and stonework. Something that we can use to inspire our surrounding landscapes. 

Norfolk is a treasure trove for those seeking both natural beauty and antique wonders. With quaint towns like Holt, coastal gems like Blakeney and charming markets like Burnham Market, Norfolk offers a delightful 48-hour escape.

Norfolk feels like an untouched escape in a very busy world and there’s nothing quite like the boundless expanses of Norfolk skies, so if you’re visiting be sure to take a moment to let the peace of this corner of the world wash over you and devote a little time to consider your own grounds and their importance in bring some natural tranquillity to your world. 

Day 1: Holt – A Town of Antiquities

Start your day with a visit to Holt, a town brimming with character. Take a stroll along the quaint streets, lined with antique shops, art galleries and cosy tearooms. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful Holt Country Park and Heaths for a refreshing morning walk amid nature. 

Pause for lunch at one of Holt’s charming cafes. As you relish local delights, allow yourself to envision ideas of kitchen gardens where we can enrich our diets with freshly homegrown produce. Introducing a kitchen garden into your landscape can help to introduce a variety of visual elements.

Spend the afternoon exploring Holt’s antique shops. Some notable places include Holt Antiques & Interiors, where you might discover timeless pieces to adorn your gardens. From intricate stone sculptures and planters – to reclaimed treasures, Holt offers an array of options. Incorporating stonework and adding further touches of history can enrich gardens and grounds with both focal and talking points. 

It’s about creating a living tapestry that echoes the legacy of the land. By incorporating historical elements such as vintage garden furniture, heirloom plants, and architectural features, we weave the story of the estate into its very fabric. This approach transforms the garden into a timeless space that not only captivates with its beauty but also resonates with the echoes of the past. Each carefully chosen piece becomes a thread in the narrative, connecting the present to the rich history of the estate.

Day 2: Coastal Charm – Blakeney and Burnham Market

Begin your morning with a picturesque drive to Blakeney. As you head towards the coast, experience the contrast as the landscape opens to the sea. Something else worth considering is the addition of water to the gardens. Introducing a calm, tranquil area to enjoy. Water features help to provide elegance and a calm environment – a little reminder to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. This can also help to diversify the landscape. The contrast of stone, water, and greenery. 

Whilst visiting Blakeney be sure to enjoy a fresh seafood lunch by the sea, savouring the catch of the day. Let the coastal breeze both inspire and refresh your mind and body.  

In the afternoon, take a scenic drive to Burnham Market, a market town renowned for its boutique shops and galleries. Markets such as these can offer an array of both classic and eclectic pieces. From garden furniture, vintage planters, and wrought iron pieces that resonate with your garden’s ambience.

As you conclude your 48-hour journey through Norfolk, you’ll not only have experienced the charm of its towns but also gathered unique garden antiques. Norfolk, with its blend of history and coastal allure, provides an enchanting backdrop for discovering timeless treasures for your garden.

Places to consider en-route:

Norfolk Antique & Reclamation Centre – Reclamation yards can be an ideal hunting ground for inspiration for your landscape. Take your time to search through the treasures that can be uncovered here. 

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