Garden Maintenance

Why book garden maintenance?

Customers book regular garden maintenance with The Oxfordshire Gardener for many reasons, to keep their outside spaces green and healthy to give endless expression through the gardening year. To ease the work for themselves, to have regular highly experienced gardeners and RHS-trained gardeners on-hand to nurture and make the most of their garden.

We know that trust is important and we respect your garden with its plants, trees and rarities some of which may have been planted to celebrate a special time.

We offer a specialist garden maintenance service which includes pruning, weeding and mowing as well as focusing on the overarching care with a vision of the broader picture to keep the garden looking lively throughout the year.

Through sharing best horticultural practice we identify plants to be pruned, rejuvenate mature well-established plants and train climbers such as mature wisterias, roses and clematis, espalier fruits and pleached trees. Dividing and replanting to thrive in the borders, sow, plant and care for kitchen gardens of fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Each of our gardeners has their own areas of specialism in horticulture, arboriculture, growing produce or habitat management and so are able give care and advice on the broadest possible garden care. Many of our team members also have extensive experience with planting design and are able to create planting schemes to refresh a new bed or border scheme, reimagining an area of the garden or simple fill some gaps. Lawn-care, soil condition and nutrition, planting, hedges and tree work can all carried out by our expertly trained gardeners.

Gardeners are trained at David Austin roses for their professional pruning certificate.

We can also improve and maintain landscaping areas such as entrances, boundaries, woven trellis, raised planters, patios and pathways with the in-house hard landscaping team.

Current Work:

This month, we are busily maintaining gardens and installing planting schemes, making good use of the seasonal window for bare-root planting and sourcing specimen trees, shrubs, perennials and fruit trees from specialist nurseries. Our compost and mulch treatments are being applied.

Tidying and cutting-back the last of the previous year’s perennials continues, as does the formative shaping of established shrubs and hedges including hornbeam, beech and native hedges.

We’re also attending to clearing leaves (storing it to make leaf mould, which will later be dug-in beds and borders to improve soil condition) and offering advice on winter garden management. There are time-sensitive tasks in the garden to push on with, for example pruning fruit trees, roses, wisteria and shrub management, as well as planning and planting kitchen gardens.

You can book The Oxfordshire Gardener’s garden maintenance and care service, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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