The Oxfordshire Gardener creates beautiful, harmonious gardens with hard and soft landscaping options, as well as providing attentive garden maintenance for all styles of established gardens.

Together with clients, our RHS award-winning designers build liveable, sustainable and breathtakingly gorgeous gardens, whilst our team of expert horticulturalists nourish and care for gardens throughout the year.

Garden Design
What would you like your garden to be? The garden design process is one of…
Garden Maintenance Oxfordshire
Garden Maintenance
Why book garden maintenance? Customers book regular garden maintenance with The Oxfordshire Gardener for many…
It is our belief that a beautiful garden should be perfectly suited your lifestyle, adding…


Pergola Garden Design
Why Do You Need a Pergola?
Tempting you out into the garden all year round, pergolas are fantastic outdoor structures that can be seamlessly slotted into any landscape. Great for garden entertaining throughout the year, pergolas provide a…
Sensory Gardens
Sensory Gardens
Awakening your senses through visual and physical elements, sensory gardens are vibrant designs that can be settled into a range of varied garden spaces. Whether you're looking to create a calming outdoor…
Outdoor wooden hot tub
Nature’s Retreat: Landscaped Spa-Scapes
Are you looking for the perfect oasis to wash over you? Crafting a spa retreat within your landscape could be the perfect answer. Envision yourself walking through a perfectly lit garden, decked…


Herb garden
Herbs to Plant and Nurture
Beautifully aromatic and angelic, herbs are wonderful plants to establish and nurture within your garden.  Enabling you access to freshly grown and fragrant seasoning ingredients at your fingertips, herbs are a fantastic…
The Oxfordshire Gardener Cocktail
The Oxfordshire Gardener Cocktail
In light of the recent burst of summer sunshine, it's time to dive into our botanical recipe book to discover our latest cocktail. Inspired by the tastes and fresh flavours of the…
Garden Wellbeing
7 Ways To Boost Well-being In Your Garden
Encompassing a variety of relaxing features and radiating an orchestra of soothing sounds, gardens are a wonderful way to boost well-being and enhance your lifestyle.  Designed to awaken your senses whilst relaxing…
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