Kitchen Gardens

Designed, Installed & Maintained

What is a kitchen garden? 

Brimming with the freshest and finest homegrown produce, kitchen gardens are wonderfully vibrant spaces that provide you with an abundance of ingredients to see you and your family through all seasons.

Crafted by our specialist team of garden designers, kitchen gardens are the greatest way to encourage a healthy lifestyle whilst adding a unique and rewarding feature that sits effortlessly embedded within your garden’s natural landscape. Burgeoning crisp fruits, vegetables and herbs, kitchen gardens are a glorious way to boost your meals with flavours fresh from the garden.

Tailored to your exact preferences and tastes, harvest all of your garden favourites with a bespoke planting recipe curated by our Head Gardener’s and cared for by our masterly garden care team.

Enhance your lifestyle… 

Housing nutrient-rich and organic homegrown produce, our kitchen garden specialists design beautifully aesthetic growing spaces to both encourage a sustainable lifestyle and a healthy diet. Valuable and rewarding spaces, kitchen gardens bring tremendous benefits to both yourself and your family…

– Encourages a sustainable lifestyle

– Supports a healthy and nutrient-rich diet

– A long term investment that reduces your need for supermarket bought produce

– Environmentally friendly practice that reduces your carbon footprint

– Infuses your meals with scrumptious garden grown flavours

– Tending to the garden significantly reduces symptoms of stress

The design process

When designing our kitchen gardens, the first and most important step is that we listen and discuss ideas with you to greatest understand what you are looking to achieve from your outdoor growing space.

Sculpted from a collection of raised beds, lower borders and a sweeping flow of pathways and garden trails, there are so many different design options for you to choose from.

Ongoing care plans 

Once your culinary garden has been settled and established into your garden by our professional landscaping team, our kitchen garden specialists will then begin bringing your garden to life with a bespoke planting plan, ensuring that your garden gets off to the best start.

Interested in managing your space with a touch of ongoing horticultural care? Our expert garden care team maintain and nurture a variety of growing spaces all year round. Using their specialist horticultural knowledge, our friendly team will tend to your culinary garden throughout all seasons, harvesting, planting and plucking a succession of scrumptious garden delights to enrich your everyday meals.

 Talk to us today to discover how a kitchen garden could enrich and enhance your lifestyle.