Estate Management

Large Garden & Estate Management

Capacious gardens and country estates require very particular horticultural care to keep them healthy, well-stocked and blooming beautifully. From lawn care in spring and autumn, planting design for bounteous blooming throughout the growing season to pruning and smartening shrubs and hedges to offer elegant form and structure through the winter, our dedicated team bring a broad package of large garden and estate management services.

For your grounds to look their best year-round takes a committed team of accomplished professionals with an eye for detail, who are committed to ensuring that plants, trees, shrubs and lawns are offered precision care, so that your grounds, as a whole, are maintained to the highest standards.

In addition to routine garden care, our in-house landscapers, garden designers and planting design team can create, install and plant bespoke projects and garden features, whether that be outdoor kitchens, garden spas or planting scheme for events such as weddings and garden parties.

Bespoke Projects

We work closely with estate owners to bring their dreams into reality, whether that’s restoring a garden of historic note to its original design, rejuvenating grounds with the introduction of a particularly desired design style or theme, introducing more sustainable practices or planning and preparing for an illustrious event, we can help bring visions to fruition.

Our in-house landscaping team design and build elegant kitchen gardens, that our kitchen garden specialists can manage and maintain, allowing the household to enjoy an array of fresh and nutritious fruits, vegetables and herbs, over the longest possible season.

Or perhaps it’s time to restore the hothouse or ha-ha? Or return planting schemes to their original design? The experience within the team of working on and for historic manor houses means we’ll manage any bespoke project from in-fill planting to grand structures, smoothly, attentively and efficiently.

Caring for Gardens of Note

From the initial point of contact, one of our friendly, Senior Team members will walk the grounds with you to discuss the estate’s history and any planned developments. This helps us to build a picture of the garden’s requirements, as well as your wishes for its future and an understanding of its past.

From there, we’ll create a schedule for the garden’s care and maintenance in line with your needs and our team are keen to adapt to your own intents. Some clients prefer a wrap-a-around service, where our team fully manage the garden and use their initiative to keep the grounds maintained, whilst offering their guidance and suggestions for the development and betterment of the grounds. Other clients like to keep a deeper involvement in the garden, building a partnership with our horticulturists to realise their aims.

From wonderfully productive kitchen gardens to floriferous cutting gardens and velvety-verdant lawns, our garden care team is on-hand to compose a tailored horticultural service to see that your landscape flourishes, naturally.

So, if you’re searching for a horticultural service that’s equal to your grounds, please talk to us. We’d enjoy discovering your estate or looking after your large garden landscape. 


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