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Bespoke Garden Elements

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Bespoke Garden Elements

Bespoke Garden Elements

Adding a series of bespoke garden elements to your outdoor spaces can totally transform your landscape and here’s why! 

Has this year’s extended summer weather got you thinking of re-designing a certain section or area of your garden? With many of us continuing to make the most out of our gardens this October, it’s the perfect time to begin exploring how you can add that special personal touch to your gardenscape with the helping hand of a few elegant garden features. Ranging from secluded groves and tranquil rills to reclaimed garden antiques, there are so many different ways that you can create an authentic garden scene, full of personality and charm. So, grab a drink and snuggle down as we explore a variety of authentic design ideas that could reinvent your garden landscape.

Glorious groves 

Interested in creating a secluded sanctuary where you can kick back and unwind? Why not create your very own private spot of tranquility by enhancing your garden with a circular grove of acer trees. Awakening the garden with autumnal shades of fuchsia and burnt orange, a smooth patio area lies within, framing a peaceful spot for you to meditate, catch up with friends or even enjoy a spot of outdoor dining. A glorious shaded space decorated with dappled spots of sunshine, garden groves are extremely unique features that are incredibly versatile and can be crafted to suit you and your family.

Unique hideaways

If you’re looking to add an authentic and unusual aspect to your garden then embedding a garden hideaway within your outdoor space could be the perfect solution. Whether you’re dreaming of a studio space to let your creativity run wild or a cosy outdoor cinema room, slotting a garden room into your home is a fantastic way of maximising your space and extending your home. Or if you’re looking to create an area especially for your little ones, then why not bring their imaginations to life with a shepherds hut full of their favourite books and toys, creating the ultimate outdoor playroom? Varying from sheltered pergolas, luxury garden rooms or even grand gazebos, there are so many different features that you can use to enhance your home and that will also guarantee to impress your guests.

Sculptures and centrepieces 

Yearning to add an artistic element to your gardenscape? Enhancing your landscape with a striking sculpture or centrepiece is a wonderful way of dispersing visual interest throughout your garden. David Harber’s sculptures and fascinating outdoor creations are a personal favourite of our’s. Handmade from the finest materials and displaying magnificent colour schemes, David Harber’s sculptures are a glorious way of awakening your outdoor spaces with a pop of colour and structural form (whatever your preference!).

The sounds and sights of water 

Often the finishing touches to many of our garden designs, water features are delightful outdoor elements that awaken your senses and simply bring your garden to life with mindful and peaceful notions. Effortlessly slotted into a range of spaces, garden fountains and streams of running water enhance your garden with a bespoke essence of relaxation and look even more divine when accompanied by a textured planting scheme. Drift away and envision a streamlined garden rill dressed with an arrangement of slick evergreen shrubs and vibrant perennials. How dreamy!

Reclaimed antiques

Our clients often ask us if we can include antique and vintage treasures within our garden designs and this is a request that we adore recieving! Transporting historical artefacts into our current contemporary projects and our more traditional projects too, is a wonderful way of giving your garden that extra special touch of personality. These antiques can come in all different forms, from ornate benches and rustic planters to historical baths used to form elaborate water features. We especially adore the gorgeous garden masterpieces sourced by Lichen Garden Antiques, which are always embedded with fascinating and one of a kind backstories.

Looking to add a bespoke touch to your gardenscape? Get in touch with us today to find out how our expert design team could enhance your outdoor spaces. 

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