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7 New elements to improve your garden in the New Year

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7 New elements to improve your garden in the New Year

New Year Landscape Design

As we fast approach 2024, this is an excellent opportunity to plan your garden with new features that are both on-trend and offer an aesthetic purpose and function. From January, right through to December, we want to be able to enjoy and develop our garden and the love it holds for us as we hold for it. From spotlighting ‘goth gardening’ interest to producing your own family wine, come with us as we explore 7 new elements to bring into your 2024 garden to give it a new life!

1) Your garden does not have to be just for the eyes!

Why not try growing your own edimentals? Edimentals are plants that not only offer a stylish aesthetic but also an edible touch. Most edimental plants are low maintenance and drought tolerant which means they are a brilliant addition to your 2024 garden and bring a sense of ease. Something we all use daily in the kitchen is herbs (rosemary, oregano, basil etc), so why not try to bring a personal touch to your cooking from your very own garden beds? Or, you could go bold! Try growing chocolate mint! 

2) Let your inner ‘Goth’ out…

Get on the 2024 trend of ‘goth gardening.’ Embrace the ‘moody’ colours of burgundy, royal purple and black into your planting to create a feature display. We see a growing interest in all things old; whether this is showing off the rust or repurposing furniture and art. In general, we see a strong movement away from straight edges and what may be seen as ‘perfection’ to winding gravel pathways and a wilder, unique look to the garden. Despite the dark colours, it’s a strong distraction from the bright vibrant flowers we are all used to. Some favourites are Phormium ‘Black Adder,’ Hollyhock ‘Black Night,’ and Heuchera ‘Black Pearl.’

3) Something for everyone

However, if the dark colours aren’t for you, then why not try the colour of 2024 (as stated by ‘Homes & Gardens’,) Neon lime green. Different shades of green held a strong place in our 2023 gardens and there’s no reason to say why this will not continue to flourish in 2024. The ‘neon lime green’ colour is easy to match with orange and blues but also shades of bright pinks and purples. It pops next to black so would be a perfect combination to tie this hot trend and ‘goth gardening’ together!

4) For the love of wine!

While cooking and outdoor seating areas remain one of the top requests when designing garden areas, there’s also a huge demand for growing spaces for produce, so why not plant your own petit vineyard and produce a bottle of your very own wine to present to your family and friends. With our cooler climates in the UK, vines such as Bacchus (which produces a great fruity and refreshing white and is also sometimes referred to as the ‘English Sauvignon Blanc,’) can be the most successful. 

5) Embrace the gravel 

We all desire a garden to look wonderful with minimum effort so that we can enjoy it, so why not add a gravel feature? Gravel is a low-maintenance beauty that requires no soil, no weeding and no fertiliser. It can also be a great way of reducing puddles and water damage across your gorgeous landscape as it aids water drainage. So, add a pathway or some gravel steps or even use it to enhance raised beds to create a more stylish look for your 2024 garden. 

6) A time just for you

Since Covid-19, the desire of areas for wellness and relaxation have greatly increased. Whether this is a reading corner you create or a garden room with windows for your yoga or fitness workout to allow time to yourself to be immersed by the nature around you. Let 2024 be a year for you to use your garden as a source of relaxation and inspiration for your day to day life.

7) Recycle, repurpose, re – enjoy!

Through Covid-19 lockdown, we all found joy in updating our current living environment by recycling things we already own or buying second hand and adding our personal touch, and why stop with the interior! Why not develop a quirky and unique garden space. There are lots of ways to do this. Do you have wellies that no longer fit? Turn them into plant pots! Turn reclaimed sleepers into an outdoor coffee table and seating area or turn an old cupboard into a potting bench. Use your imagination to be Eco-Friendly and reduce waste!

Thinking about redesigning your garden for 2024? Talk to us to find out how we can help you throughout Oxfordshire and beyond!  

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