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Garden Design Trends for 2024

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Garden Design Trends for 2024

Garden Design

From naturalistic and creative planting styles to idyllic Mediterranean landscapes, let’s explore what’s going to be trending in the world of garden design in 2024.  

There is no better way to start a new year than with a freshly sculpted, planted and vigorous garden design. Crafted to suit your tastes and your family’s lifestyle, a crisp new garden is the perfect way to enhance your home and a fantastic way to skip into the new year. From thriving kitchen gardens full of freshly grown produce to elegant outdoor structures, there are so many different features that you can incorporate within your design to create a heavenly scene that flourishes through all seasons.

This year we are set to see a rise in demand for wilder yet resilient designs. From sustainable living tools to glorious gravel gardens, come with us as we unpack 2024’s top trends and uncover how you can incorporate some of these trending elements within your new year’s landscape.

Popular planting palettes

With Pantone’s Colour of the Year being revealed as the beautifully warm and bright “Peach Fuzz”, we’ll be seeing this wonderful shade popping up throughout a number of our planting schemes within the new year. With the peachy delights of Lark Ascending, Rose Chandos Beauty, Chaenomeles speciosa flowering quince and Geum ‘Mai Tai’ just to name a few floral examples. Beautifully fragranced and full of personality, our planting design team can’t wait to thread these floral beauties throughout our 2024 planting schemes.

In contrast, we have also noticed a demand for deeper shades of planting and moodier palettes, referred to as ‘goth gardening’ styles. Heuchera ‘Obsidian’ and Ophiopogon planiscapus are two glorious examples that our planting specialists love to include within our designs to add both depth and texture to the garden.

Vibrant shades of lime are another colour to keep your eyes peeled for, as bright green palettes are set to be popping up throughout a number of planting schemes in the new year too!

Biophilic designs

A concept that we channel throughout all of our projects, biophilic design is an ever-expanding style that focuses on the importance of working alongside nature and integrating the natural environment within the greater composition. Centred around sustainable living and creating spaces that both boost wellness and the environment in harmony, 2024 is a year where we are going to be seeing these ideas in action greater than ever before.

Planting wonderfully fragrant shrubs is a wonderful place to start. Delightful for the senses, radiating a calm aura and providing a nectar-rich spot for pollinators to gather, threading an assortment of Lavandula throughout your design is a fantastic way to frame a heavenly gardenscape that gives back to local wildlife.

A wonderful element for enhancing wellness and relaxation, water features such as garden ponds provide beautifully peaceful spots to unwind whilst you tune into the mesmerising hums of garden wildlife. Supporting ecosystems and providing birds a secluded place to bathe, including a seamlessly sunken pond within your design is a fantastic way to add an environmentally-friendly touch of elegance to your landscape.

Drifts of Mediterranean

Reflected in both hard and soft landscaping elements, Mediterranean style is going to play a huge role in garden design in 2024. With many of us opting for neutral tones within both our interiors and exteriors, there will be an increased use of naturally-inspired materials such as tumbled sandstone and limestone. Paving and replenishing your outdoor spaces with a crisp collection of pathways, the natural palette of these materials ensures to brighten your garden throughout all seasons, giving your garden a truly authentic Mediterranean feel. Tied together with the neutral palettes of soft ornamental grasses, Allium bulbs and Salvia shrubs, your garden will be brought to life with movement and gentle bursts of Mediterranean colour.

A lower maintenance alternative, gravel gardens have also soared in popularity. Inspired too by the Mediterranean, gravel gardens frame areas of sensory bliss, dressed with drought-tolerant planting and fine gravel chippings.

A comeback for stumpery gardens

A sustainable feature and a great way to make use of leftover logs and recently felled tree stumps, stumpery gardens add unique interest to your garden and are set to make a comeback in the new year. Settled in with an assortment of ferns, woodland plants and bulbs, stumpery gardens are magical garden features that provide homes for hedgehogs and other garden wildlife in the harsher winter months. Once a Victorian craze that has again resurfaced into fashion, make sure that you’re right on trend in January with your very own stumpery garden.

Looking to re-invent your garden in the new year? Discover how our specialist garden design team and in-house landscapers could transform your landscape in 2024.  

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