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Unique Gardenscapes: How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Garden

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Unique Gardenscapes: How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Garden

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Searching to transform your outdoor space into a unique gardenscape? 

You may be feeling rather stuck and unsure as to where you get started. Fortunately, modern landscaping can offer some rather distinguishing features, utilising techniques that can give your garden a stylish and signature touch, whether yours is a true traditionalist, townhouse chic or contemporary country leaning.  

Come with us, as we explore an array of imaginative and creative garden features that you can easily incorporate within your garden’s natural landscape. Whether your garden is great or small, these innovative landscaping ideas will open your eyes to the opportunities hidden within your garden.

1. Floral Driveways 

Car parking has not traditionally been renowned for its beauty. However, all of that can change with a spot of innovative planting! Frame the sides of your driveway with rows of lilac lavender, complimented by a long planting pocket of low-level thyme down the middle of the drive, creating an uber-fragrant driveable feature, unique to your garden. 

Fill your driveway with a selection of vibrant florals and awaken your driveway to create an unusual outdoor spot, tailored bespoke to your tastes. 

2. Living Walls 

Looking to create an outdoor dining area like no other? Why not make the most of your space by designing a wall, carpeted in a delightful spread of greenery. Framing the perfect Insta-shot! 

3. Ravishing Rose Gardens 

Looking for an aesthetic outdoor space to both admire and unwind within? Then a glorious rose garden may be the idyllic haven ready to answer all of your prayers. Filled with an abundance of sweetly scented and colourful varieties, rose gardens provide the perfect garden escape. 

4. Staggered Paving Stones 

Diffuse a contemporary look within your garden, with a carefully curated pathway. Inviting you within the depths of the garden, this innovative garden feature tempts you to explore concealed spaces dotted around the outdoors. 

5. Hedge Sculptures 

Boasting bold and bountiful structures, hedges are a fabulous way to add unique form to your garden vista. Producing a sturdy collection of foliage, these established shrubs can be easily morphed into a variety of stylish shapes.

6. The Natural Swimming Pool 

 Do you have a passion for swimming? Then a natural pool may be the perfect feature for you to make the most of your garden space. Decorated with an array of drench proof blooms, dive within crisp waters as you watch a variety of wildlife flood within your garden.

7. Exquisite Parterres  

If you’re looking to add an artistic and refined feel to your home garden, then a pairing of well groomed parterres would effortlessly refresh your garden with a heavenly natural feel. 

8. A Peaceful Pagoda 

Derived from Asia, Pagoda’s are beautifully chiselled outdoor structures that exhibit a selection of idyllic designs. Complemented with an assortment of seating areas and colourful cushions, these unusual attractions can be transformed into a secluded social space. 

If you’re looking for more of a traditional twist, then a classical arbour may be a charming alternative. 

9. Level Up 

Instantaneously capturing your attention, adding levels to the garden can adapt your outdoor space into a visual paradise. Implement raised beds, patios and lower level staircases and watch your garden’s personality come to life. 

Would you like to turn these ideas into a reality? Simply get in touch and discover how we can transform your garden into an enchanting outdoor space. 

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