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Why You Should Redesign Your Garden in 2024

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Why You Should Redesign Your Garden in 2024

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A fresh start and a brand new year, there is no better time than now to begin thinking about your garden redesign for 2024. 

Is your garden in desperate need of a touch of TLC? The early new year is the perfect time to start imagining and deciding what you would like to achieve from your garden both functionally and aesthetically. And this is where an expert designer can come in most helpful to both guide and help you visualise the potential concealed within your outdoor spaces. Boosting your lifestyle, creating idyllic spots to unwind and even increasing the value of your property, there are so many benefits that you can achieve from redesigning your garden. Join us as we explore the top reasons to redesign your garden in the new year.

Kickstart a healthy lifestyle 

Looking to improve your lifestyle this year? Then the garden is a fantastic place to start and is a key wellbeing tool that you can adapt to suit yourself and your families requirements.

If you’re interested in kickstarting a healthier and more sustainable diet, then a kitchen garden is an essential feature that provides you with access to a variety of nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and herbs. Reducing your need for supermarket bought produce, home-grown foods have also been found to be much greater in nutritional value (and are much more flavoursome too!). A fantastic stepping stone for beginning a sustainable lifestyle, kitchen gardens are also a wonderful way to support your local environment.

A fantastic investment, kitchen gardens don’t fail to tempt you outside to immerse yourself within the beauty of your natural surroundings. Tending to your garden is a great way to enjoy a spot of gentle daily exercise and can ease both anxiety and stress. An effective way to unwind, kitchen gardens bring an endless range of benefits to your lifestyle and are therefore especially useful for boosting both your mental and physical health.

Get your garden summer-ready

Usually a slightly quieter time of year, the winter months are a great time to start re-designing your garden. With some of us typically spending a little less time than usual out in the garden, this makes winter a great opportunity to commence your garden redesign, bringing less disturbance to your family and local wildlife. Landscaping your garden during the winter also ensures that your garden will be ready for you and your family to enjoy once the warmer spring and summer months arrive.

Become a top trendsetter

Looking to achieve a breathtaking landscape that amazes your guests and flourishes splendidly throughout all seasons? By landscaping your garden in the early new year you gain access to the freshest design ideas and most popular features. With the help of our expert designers, get ahead of the trends and create a practical yet beautiful outdoor paradise that allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round. This year we are forecasted to see a sharp rise in the demand for glorious gravel gardens and Mediterranean inspired landscapes. Discover the upcoming garden design trends for 2024. 

Maximise your space 

Does your outdoor space currently feel like more of a blank canvas than a garden? If your garden is lacking a touch of personality, texture and colour then a stylish garden design is the perfect solution to awaken your surroundings in the new year. If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors this year then a selection of beautifully crafted landscaping features could add a series of new dimensions to your space. From structured pergolas to secluded arbours, these features are two examples that we integrate within many of our landscape designs to promote outdoor living and charming points of interest throughout your garden scene. Enjoy outdoor dining, drinks beneath the stars and quiet moments to yourself no matter the time of year.

An extension of your home, a garden room is another fantastic way to make the most of your space. Tailored to suit your preferences whether it be a gym, cinema room or spare guest bedroom, garden rooms are a creative way of transforming the feel of your home outdoors.

To put the finishing touches to a truly idyllic design, a vibrant planting scheme is an element not to be missed. Tying your garden together with glorious textures, beautifully fragranced blooms and natural form for optimum privacy, planting schemes are the best way to illuminate your garden with a unique and vivid palette. Crafted bespoke to suit both your garden and your style, our masterly planting designers shape elegant designs to lift your garden and enhance the most blissful ambience. Attracting waves of pollinators and wildlife into the garden, planting schemes may look magnificent but they are also extremely beneficial in supporting the environment around you too!

Looking to re-invent your garden in the new year? Discover how our specialist garden design team and in-house landscapers could transform your landscape in 2024.  

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