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Professional Landscape Designers: Why Are They Important?

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Professional Landscape Designers: Why Are They Important?

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Thinking about re-designing your garden? Then your first steps are naturally to begin searching for a professional team of landscape designers. But why is this important?

Designing, managing and perfecting your project, entrusting your garden transformation with a skilled landscape designer ensures that you achieve the most functional yet beautifully sculpted garden from your outdoor space. With our creative designers and skilful landscapers working together in unison, here at The Oxfordshire Gardener we are regularly commended for our efficient design process. With an experienced helping hand from our specialist team of in-house landscapers, our skilled team are able to bring our designs into fruition smoothly and to the highest standard.

Guaranteeing that your garden transformation is both efficient and professionally managed, let’s uncover the top reasons why employing a professional landscape designer is essential for morphing your garden into a cohesive design.

Expertise and experience

With years of experience in landscape design, we understand the importance of handing your outdoor space to a team that you can trust. Therefore, a reputable and approachable team is the most important asset when beginning your design process.

Incredibly experienced in using a variety of tools and heavy machinery, our landscaping team are used to handling all kinds of equipment, from handsaws to telescopic handlers. Used efficiently and skilfully, when acquiring a professional landscaping team you automatically gain access to their expert skills and time management too!

Masters of visualisation

Do you have a rough idea of what you’d like to achieve from your garden but you’re not quite sure how to put it into practice? Then this is where a professional landscape designer is an essential tool in your garden transformation.

Listening, discussing and offering insightful inspiration to you, our landscape designers are simply masters of visualisation. Allowing you to gain the most from your garden, our designers are superb at maximising space and slotting in a range of idyllic garden features into a number of tricky outdoor areas. From kitchen gardens to idyllic spa gardens, our creative team can inspire you to see the potential concealed within your outdoor canvas.

Increase the value of your property

Found to significantly boost the value of your property, landscaping your garden is a fantastic investment for your lifestyle and your finances too! Found to add on an average of 20% to your home value, designing your garden is a great way to improve your home and employing a landscape designer can even help you in the long term too! Using a combination of resilient materials, sustainable strategies, and hardy garden features, a professional landscape designer can ensure that your garden flourishes effortlessly for years to come.

Specialist planting schemes 

Looking to create a garden that burgeons beautifully all year round? Gently softening any hard standings or statement garden features, planting schemes are fabulous for framing your garden and ensuring that it looks naturally beautiful throughout every season.

If you don’t have much horticultural knowledge then a carefully curated planting scheme designed by our expert soft landscaping team is the perfect solution for you!

Filled with springtime bulbs, perfumed summertime blooms and structured evergreens, planting designers are superb for filling your landscape with plants that promote glorious bursts of year round interest. Brightening up gardens in the darker winter months too, our planting designers are incredibly skilled at filling your garden with drifts of floral perfume, striking tones and textures so that your outdoor space feels energetic and diverse during every season.

Looking for a specialist eye and skilled team to reinvent your outdoor spaces? We’d love to hear all about your ideas for the garden. Contact us today! 

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