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Our Top 5 Online Seed Stores

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Our Top 5 Online Seed Stores


Struggling to find an organic and online seed store that you can trust?

With sustainability at the heart of our establishment, we’ve put together this quick and helpful guide to our most tried and trusted seed suppliers. These suppliers specialise in organic, heritage and environmentally friendly seeds, that produce harvests that guarantee to tickle your tastebuds whilst improving your overall well-being. So, get snuggled up as we open our sourcebook for a peek at our top 5 online seed stores.

Real Seeds

With an extraordinary catalogue of heirloom and heritage vegetable seeds, Real Seeds is a seed company that has origins dating back to the 1880s and has been growing top-quality seeds for the avid kitchen gardener ever since.

One of our much-loved varieties is the Cupidon Bean. An early starter and prolific producer of long bean pods all summer, these seeds flourish into scrumptious garden beans, giving great raw flavour to a number of nutritious salads. 

Kelvedon Wonder is another one of our favourites. A second-early dwarf pea that transforms into a plentiful cropper providing peas with the sweetest of flavours.

Tamar Organics

A Cornish wonder of super seeds, what was once a small organic market garden, Tamar Organics has now grown into a go-to online destination. Selling a vast range of organic seeds and garden supplies, this online store is a fabulous hub with eco-friendly strategies at its core. 

Vital Seeds

Boasting an abundance of organic seeds, Vital Seeds strive to provide gardeners all over the UK with a wide and easily accessible selection of organic seeds. Utilising compostable and plastic-free packaging, Vital Seeds even offer free delivery on all orders over £35. Plump for sowing early spring salad varieties, their online store also contains a unique variety of Asian green seeds such as pak choi and tatsoi.   

Seed Co-operative

A community-owned seed company, Seed Co-operative are wholeheartedly committed to nurturing plant health and the planet. Producing organic and open-pollinated seedlings, Seed Co-operative is keen on promoting a sustainable future, showing that everyone is able to grow their own nutritious and whole produce.

Otter Farm

Last but not least, we finish with Otter Farm. A great online space to delve into from writer, grower and cook, Mark Diacono. Why not stock up with seeds ready for a fulsome larder and dip into his latest book to discover a range of mouthwatering recipes inspired by flavours from The Otter Farm nursery.

Eager to become a keen kitchen gardener? Get in touch to discover how we design kitchen gardens that naturally blend within your garden’s landscape. 

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