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From Concept To Creating Your Vision

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From Concept To Creating Your Vision

Gravel pathway leads you amongst blooming flora

Take a look at your garden, are you making the most of the space around you? Or is it a blank canvas waiting to be painted into something you can enjoy all year round? Spring has arrived and now is the perfect time to leap into landscaping.


The idea of landscaping may seem like a daunting task. However, with our help, we can turn this into an exciting journey of transformation. Taking an idea and allowing it to blossom into a stunning outdoor oasis.

Our landscapes need guidance and nurturing to ensure their continued success. The outdoors is such an important aspect of our lives. We understand their health benefits now more than ever. Just spending 10-15 minutes can help to de-stress our minds. Picture yourself with a morning coffee, listening to the birds chirping, looking out on a garden to be proud of. 

You may be considering the benefits of a kitchen garden at your doorstep or maybe manicured lawns adorned with statues and focal points to offer a touch of country grandeur. A Cotswold cottage garden bursting with hollyhocks, lupins and lavenders. A garden is as personal as the homes we live in. Let’s create something that offers a new dimension to your home, that benefits your health and offers a new area to enjoy.

Let’s explore the steps that we take to create glorious outdoor spaces to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

Create & design

The first step to creating your vision is getting visual ideas onto paper. Years of experience have ensured that we can visualise plans that achieve the best from your landscape.

These conceptual drawings lay-out pathways and placement of beds, focal points and fencing, and whilst the drawing complexity can vary from garden to garden, the purpose stays the same; to capture and create.

This process also allows us to foresee any adaptations to improve and fine-tune the design to align with your preferences. It also ensures we can work with utilities like drainage, as well as levels and topographical features. In doing so we can enhance functionality, whilst maintaining the look-and-feel of each design.

Once the overall design has been drawn out, it’s time to select the life of the garden; trees and shrubs, plants and herbs. Our planting designers will work with you to bring floral favourites to your vistas, whilst carefully considering everything from the overall aesthetic to the sun exposure and soil conditions. Our team’s knowledge shapes the garden, giving it the best possible chance to flourish.

Bringing it to life

The magic truly begins to unfold when the work begins. Our in-house skilled hard and soft landscapers work diligently to transform two-dimensional drawings into reality before your eyes. Creativity, precision and craftsmanship ensure every detail is meticulously executed. Whether it’s sculpting the terrain, installing hard landscaping features or planting lush greenery.

Here at The Oxfordshire Gardener we ‘weed’ away all your stress. We understand that your life is busy (making it difficult to dedicate time to dealing with all aspects required to transform the landscape around your home). We can handle everything, from the perfect planting schemes to the final screws to build your summer pergola.

The final touches

As the final touches are added and the landscape takes shape, there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement as your vision becomes a reality. With each plant carefully positioned and every stone meticulously placed, the landscape comes alive.

From concept to creation, you now have an additional oasis to your home. Somewhere to enjoy the longer days, relax under the shade provided by a pergola. Enjoy a glass of wine on a patio hidden amongst flourishing greenery. A place to watch flourish and grow over the seasons. 

An added benefit of our expertise is the ongoing care packages that can be personalised to your garden. We can help nurture your new landscape and ensure its success, so you can sit back and enjoy the garden as it changes and evolves throughout the seasons.

Are you ready to take the first steps to creating your outdoor oasis? Get in touch and we can transform your landscape into a captivating space you can enjoy throughout the year.

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