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Landscaping Alongside Nature

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Landscaping Alongside Nature

Landscaping alongside nature garden design

When re-designing any garden the main aim is always to create an utterly beautiful space that also enhances and gives back to the local environment. Therefore landscaping alongside nature is a crucial part of all our garden designs. 

When we think of hard landscaping we often imagine harsher materials and structured garden features. However, using a skilful blend of hard and soft landscaping techniques, our award-winning garden designers create glorious gardenscapes that are filled with visual interest and are perfect for garden entertaining but are also nectar-rich homes for biodiversity and wildlife to thrive. Designed to include rich planting schemes, flowing water features and burgeoning growing spaces, enter our design room to uncover how we use seamless landscaping techniques to work carefully and efficiently alongside nature.

Garden structures

To define the boundaries throughout our garden and to establish greater privacy, we often include glorious fencing and trellis techniques throughout our designs. Crafted to blend beautifully into the natural landscape of your garden, our design team often dress trellis and fences with stunning climbers such as clematis and wisteria. Enhancing structures with bursts of floral fragrance and colour, adding a spot of soft landscaping to harder elements is a fabulous way of attracting pollinators into your garden whilst creating a heavenly garden scene.

The perfect spot for outdoor kitchens, living spaces and general garden entertaining, pergolas are a fantastic and versatile feature to encompass within your landscape. Trachelospermum jasminoides and grapevines are two beautiful planting choices that look fantastic when trained up and over pergolas, arbours and garden gazebos. With a variety of climbers producing glorious fruits and charming blooms, these plants encourage all kinds of birds and pollinators to nestle down and feast within your green sanctuary.

Water sources

Suitable homes for supporting all types of garden wildlife, garden ponds and bodies of water are extremely beneficial for supporting biodiversity in your outdoor spaces. Providing birds a spot to cool off and take a drink and frogs a nifty hiding place, incorporating a pond into your  design is a wonderful strategy for welcoming wildlife into your garden.

If you’re looking for a more formal way of incorporating water into your design then garden rills are a magnificent way of infusing movement and contemporary style into your design.

A keen swimmer perhaps? Natural swimming pools are another innovative way to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor spaces without harming but instead boosting your surrounding environment. Including oxygenating plants and natural filtration techniques, natural swimming pools are eco-friendly therefore they are perfect for supporting ecosystems. Fantastic fun for all the family, natural swimming pools are a superb way for all ages to make the most of your landscape.

Pollinator-friendly planting

Softening your hard standings and putting the finishing touches to any gardenscape, a specialist planting scheme is a crucial step in the garden design process. Using expert horticultural knowledge, our soft landscaping team use their expertise to choose plants that will flourish best in your garden and will maximise the amount of pollinators seen in your outdoor space.

Wildflower planting is a popular design choice that can significantly boost your garden’s nectar score, adding a wilder element to your design. Producing glorious carpets of vivid and fragranced blooms, wildflower meadows are a rich source of food for waves of pollinators and are a wonderful way of transforming a blank canvas into a flourishing expanse filled with flora and fauna.

Garden trails

Gently guiding you throughout your grounds, a collection of beautifully sculpted garden pathways are a fabulous way of embedding a vibrant garden route into your landscape. Wildlife corridors filled with bees, birds and butterflies, an assortment of gravel chip pathways dotted throughout your landscape are the best way to wonder throughout your garden from season to season. Using permeable materials such as gravel is an eco-friendly alternative as they reduce surface runoff and allow rainwater to seep into the ground.

Hoping to transform your garden into a nature-friendly paradise? Talk to us today to find out how our specialist landscaping team create beautiful naturalistic and wildlife-friendly spaces.

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