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Why Should You Use a Garden Designer?

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Why Should You Use a Garden Designer?

Garden Design

Thinking about re-designing your garden?

At first thought, it can feel like a huge and daunting task. But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be and that garden design can actually be an extremely stress-free process?

With the helping hand of a friendly team of designers, landscapers and horticulturists, your vast open spaces can soon be transformed into a planting paradise in a matter of moments.

Whether you’re looking to create a garden wellness retreat or a grand social space, with the inspirational guide of a professional garden designer, you immediately open a number of unique visions, exploring the limitless functions that your garden could soon possess. So sit back and relax, as we show you how using a garden designer can be the most important investment in your property and yourself!

1. Inspirational value 

Feeling a bit lost about where to begin and what you want to achieve from your garden? From stylish garden rooms to working kitchen gardens, garden designers can be extremely handy tools, opening your eyes to a number of ideas that you may never have thought of before! Even if you have a rough idea of the features and structures that you’d like to include, the beauty of a garden designer is that they can fuse all of your ideas together to create one bespoke, yet holistic design that meets both you and your families needs.

2. Maximise your space

When thinking of your initial garden design you might have a number of ideas floating around. So, we understand that it can become a challenge thinking of how you can possibly slot all of these many features into your outdoor space. Or if you’re garden is a slightly larger canvas it can be just as tricky thinking of how you can possibly fill all of this space! This is where the eye of a garden designer is key. Feeding you with ways that you can achieve the most from you garden, garden designers are wonderful for maximising your space and ensuring that all bases are covered. Using their experienced and skilful techniques, a garden designer will always make sure that every outdoor space is used to it’s maximum capability.

3. Expert horticultural knowledge 

The position of your garden is a crucial element when beginning a garden design, especially if you are looking to include a number of beautiful blooms and plants.

Some areas might become rather shaded and some may receive sunlight all day long. These conditions are crucial details to know when sourcing and choosing the plants best suited to your garden. So, if you’re a planting amateur or eager to learn more about the world of horticulture, then a garden designer can guide you every step of the way with artistic yet practical planting suggestions.

4. Long-term investment 

There is no doubt that re-designing your garden is an investment, but it is in fact that this is an investment that offers great returns. It has been discovered that, on average, a well-designed garden can add around 20% to your house value. Yes, a mighty 20%!

So, when discussing your budget, a garden designer is crucial, as they can tailor your garden project to be most cost-effective.

5. Crafted to your lifestyle 

If you’re a keen gym-goer or social butterfly, then designing your garden is a great opportunity to ensure that your hobbies and lifestyle needs are met.

Dreaming of a garden dance studio or an outdoor kitchen? There are endless ways in which you can use your garden to fit alongside and enhance your lifestyle. Ever dreamt of relaxing back in your very own garden spa after a long day at work?

With the skillful thoughts and ideas of a garden designer and throughout the design process, a garden designer will absorb your ideas, turning your most authentic visualisations into a dreamy design that suits you.

6. Take away your stress 

The process of garden design can be both a time-consuming and tricky process to balance alongside everyday life. Gardens are large projects that require detailed planning and preparation, so if you’re busy juggling work, child care and so on, then a garden designer may be the answer to your prayers.

Reducing your stress and workload, by entrusting a garden designer, you allow your garden to morph into whatever you wish without having to lift a finger. It’s just that simple.

Ready to turn your garden design dreams into a reality? Get in touch today to find out how we can begin your garden design journey. 

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