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Working With Water: Landscaping Fluidic Worlds

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Working With Water: Landscaping Fluidic Worlds

working water features

Awakening your senses and transforming your garden into a vision of tranquillity, our skilled garden designers adore working water into our landscape designs.  

With the sounds and sights of water known to significantly reduce feelings of stress, expansive bodies of water embedded into your garden are a beautiful way of creating an idyllic outdoor retreat for maximum relaxation. If you have a blank canvas space just waiting to be brought to life, then this could be the perfect opportunity to reinvent your gardenscape with a stylish spot of water landscaping. Enriching your lifestyle, supporting local wildlife and transforming your garden into a watery haven, let’s explore a few ways in which you could thread water landscaping into your outdoor spaces.

At the lakeside… 

Striking garden features, expansive lakes and ponds are picturesque elements that considerably boost your landscape with visual interest. Attracting a wealth of wildlife into your outdoor spaces, lakes are incredibly valuable for supporting local ecosystems and boosting biodiversity.

Our masterly landscaping team love working with water and are extremely experienced at establishing and maintaining large bodies of water too. As pictured below, our team previously created this glorious Monet inspired design. Beginning the project by excavating an original small pond, our team recreated this space into a beautiful Monet style landscape. The design encompassed a vast lake, the iconic Monet bridge and was planted with the wisteria of Monet’s garden.

The lake is fed by natural springs and we managed this water source to keep water levels at their optimum level as part of the construction phase. A blissful water garden planting scheme was designed and created by our soft landscaping team, crafted to correspond and enhance the existing natural environment and backdrop of weeping willows.

There’s nothing quite as magical as walking over water and immersing your senses in the peaceful atmosphere of a glorious garden lake.

Natural pools 

Looking for a garden feature for all the family to enjoy? Then a natural swimming pool may be the perfect element for you! An exclusive feature that can be easily slotted into your garden’s existing landscape, natural swimming pools are wonderful for your local environment but also look truly magnificent sunken into the natural setting of your garden.

The best way to cool off and take a dip after a long day, natural swimming pools are incredibly decorative but can also significantly improve your lifestyle, with swimming bringing many health benefits to yourself and your family. Natural swimming pools do also not require the use of any harmful chemicals, therefore the water quality is very high and is better for your skin than the chemicals found in a regular swimming pool.

Ponds and streams

Serene spots to relax beside as you unwind with a refreshing drink, ponds and streams are two glorious ways that you can introduce water into your landscape.

A treat for the senses, garden ponds are vibrant spaces that allow you to tune in to the tranquil notes of wildlife and gentle swirls of flowing water. Whilst crisp waters reflect the beauty of your surroundings, garden ponds are aesthetic features but are also vital sanctuaries for garden wildlife to thrive.

Does your garden contain a bare or sloped expanse of greenery? Then a garden stream is a splendid way to decorate and sculpt this space. Using recycled water, garden streams are another brilliant way of encouraging biodiversity whilst framing an idyllic place for you to kick back and relax as you chime in to the hypnotic flows of running water.

Talk to us today to find out how our specialist landscaping team could establish large bodies of water into your landscape. 

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