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Luxurious Landscaping Features For Al Fresco Living

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Luxurious Landscaping Features For Al Fresco Living

Outdoor dining kitchens design

The warmer months are quickly creeping up on us, so what better time to explore a few ways in which you could shape your landscape into a luxury al fresco retreat? 

Gardens are glorious extensions of our homes that we believe should be enjoyed all year round no matter the weather or season. With the warmer months approaching, we naturally find ourselves heading outside to make the most of the sunshine. If you regularly find yourself welcoming guests into your garden then it’s time to upgrade your garden into a luxury location for garden entertaining. Enabling you and your family to make the most of your outdoor spaces, let’s explore a few of our garden designers’ top al fresco landscaping features.

Outdoor kitchens

Are you a lover of outdoor dining? Or perhaps a keen cook? Then an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic feature to embed into your gardenscape. Fitted with a collection of outdoor kitchen appliances, pizza ovens, wine coolers and more, outdoor kitchen spaces are exclusive spots where you can create all kinds of culinary creations. A divine way for you and your family to soak up your natural surroundings whilst you enjoy a variety of scrumptious garden-made meals.

Garden bars  

There’s nothing quite like heading outside and catching up with loved ones over a glorious garden drink. Furnished with natural surfaces and styled with a charming collection of stools, garden bars are beautifully decorative garden features that can be easily slotted into all kinds of challenging garden spaces.

Outdoor reading rooms

Looking for a cosy space to kick back and relax with your latest novel? Seamlessly slotted beneath a pergola or gazebo, reading rooms are fabulous features that allow you to unwind in your garden all year round. Decorated with charming seating areas and dressed with garden-friendly soft furnishings, reading rooms allow you to transport home comforts outside into the garden.

Spa gardens

Transforming your landscape into a tranquil garden retreat, spa gardens are a wonderful way to make the most of a blank canvas. Transporting the idyllic notions of the spa to your very own home, expansive decking areas fitted with log-fired hot tubs, wooden barrel saunas and outdoor showers are just a few features that our designers use to create timeless and luxurious spa garden designs.

Eager to refresh your garden with a collection of luxurious landscaping features? Talk to us today to find out how we can shape your landscape into an idyllic outdoor space.

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