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Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

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Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

Outdoor kitchen areas

Encouraging you to spend more time outside and enjoying your home’s natural landscape, outdoor kitchen spaces are the latest trend currently circulating in the world of garden design. 

Versatile, stylish and chic garden features, outdoor kitchens have become the exclusive garden must-have for 2024. Enabling you to make the most of your garden no matter the weather, time of day or season, outdoor kitchens are the ultimate social spaces. Idyllic retreats for al fresco feasts, garden drinks or evening soirées, snuggle up as we explore how you could transform a section of your garden into a dynamic outdoor kitchen space.

Walk through the kitchen…

Framing a smart and durable outdoor kitchen area, a series of outdoor work surfaces are the first element required to build the foundation of your outdoor kitchen space. Natural stone such as granite is a fantastic material for creating a seamless and contemporary outdoor scene.

Available in a variety of shades, granite is an incredibly durable and heat-resistant material that will ensure to give your space a modern and polished aesthetic. Slate and tile slabs are two more beautiful surface options that diffuse a beautifully rustic and country feel throughout any outdoor kitchen space.

Perfect for outdoor use due to their non-porous qualities, natural stones can also be used to craft stylish outdoor sink areas that correspond effortlessly with any surrounding surfaces.

Contrasted with a metallic or antique brass tap, these elements craft an utterly divine, contemporary kitchen scene. Sculpted to sit beneath or above surfaces, a collection of cupboards are an outdoor kitchen essential, providing the most efficient way for you to store cutlery and have tableware to hand.

To ensure that your outdoor kitchen is fully equipped for any occasion, key electrical elements such as an outdoor fridge, wine cooler and dishwasher are a few great ways to make sure that your space is as functional as possible. Easily embedded into the design of your outdoor kitchen, these key kitchen appliances are an innovative way of translating the homely notion of your interiors out into the natural landscape of your garden.

Outdoor dining

Once you’ve decided the style, colour scheme and functional features to be included within your kitchen garden, it’s time to begin framing an assortment of cosy seating and dining areas for you to enjoy al fresco meals and drinks.

Covered by a pergola or permanent gazebo, these modern and durable structures are the best way to shelter and enclose your outdoor kitchen scene. Protecting your seating, cooking and bar areas from any harsh weather conditions, these structures  create sheltered and well ventilated garden rooms, allowing you to install pizza ovens and barbecues whilst you enjoy the beauty of your garden throughout the seasons.

When creating an idyllic outdoor dining scene it’s crucial to include a collection of striking furnishings that translate elements of indoor comforts outside.

To set the scene, a cotton tablecloth accompanied by our Raffia Table Mats is a glorious way to dress your table with a neutral and woodland-inspired composition. Adding a touch of luxury to your dining experience, gold and copper cutlery sets are a must-have and are beautifully paired with a linen napkin held in place by a ring. Topped with crisp white plates and crystal wine glasses, you’ll have soon created a breathtaking Provence style scene.

Seating areas

To add further interest to your outdoor dining and kitchen scene, an assortment of cosy seating areas dotted throughout your design is a fantastic way to maximise your space. With statement outdoor sofas and furniture taking centre stage in your social spots, soft furnishings such as sustainable outdoor rugs and patterned scatter cushions are a wonderful way of dressing your seating areas with the homely feel of your interiors.

Continuing a hygge and snug environment, fire pits and lighting techniques are crucial techniques for framing the most truly magical and idyllic garden scenes. Bringing your garden to life at night, the crackle, glow and smell of a flaming firepit is the best way to snuggle down with your loved ones as you enjoy your nighttime garden together. Positioned on top of tables, surfaces and surrounding your seating area, twinkling lanterns and fairy lights are fabulous for decorating ambient garden atmospheres.

Interested in finding out how you could install your own outdoor kitchen space? Talk to us to discover how our masterly in-house landscaping team craft idyllic and bespoke outdoor kitchens in Oxfordshire and beyond.

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