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Patio pointers: Laying the groundwork for idyllic garden areas

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Patio pointers: Laying the groundwork for idyllic garden areas

A garden sofa bathed in sunlight reflecting off a newly installed patio.

Imagine yourself amidst the warmth of the summer months. Does your garden provide a tranquil spot for you to unwind?

Picture yourself relaxed, listening to the delightful chirping of birds, witnessing the sun’s gentle descent that casts a hazy glow upon a landscape adorned with blossoms. A gentle breeze gracefully gently brushes through foliage, transporting you to a place of serenity. Let the soothing scents envelop you, offering respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Rather than being caught up in the frenzy, take pleasure in observing the industrious bees and butterflies as they thrive amidst the flora surrounding you.

This week we turn our attention to uncovering the groundwork for creating some of those idyllic areas within your landscape. More specifically, patios and terraces.

Perfectly placed

This space can be beautifully lit to ensure enjoyment into the night. Twinkling lights, candle-lit lanterns, so many choices each offering warmth and charm. We are all looking forward to welcoming the warmer season and a patio can provide you with an extension of your home to enjoy eating beautiful food with those nearest and dearest to you.

From a large scale sleek and sophisticated space to a cosy corner to curl up with a glass of wine and a good book. 

Laying down the experience

Our in-house team of landscapers have years of experience creating these havens to enjoy. They have the creative vision to consider every aspect of the aesthetics ensuring that the stone compliments your home and suits your personal preferences. 

Our vast expertise involves translating that initial creative vision seamlessly into your surroundings, relieving you of any burden. Whether it’s sourcing the ideal stone or meticulously laying the final slab, our team of experts can handle every step with meticulous care and skill. So, sit back, relax and entrust your project to seasoned professionals dedicated to their craft. Watch as a blank canvas transforms into that tranquil spot for you to unwind before your eyes. 

Stone selection

In a world with so many options, the stone choice is such an important aspect, the tones, hues and texture need to be considered. Will this flow with your home and the rest of your garden? Can other elements be implemented to further adorn the overall aesthetics of the landscape?  

Patio patterns

Next, we need to consider the layout and design of the patio itself; from the historical style of herringbone giving that charm of a country garden to a stack bond design providing a more formal and refined, chic appeal.

Consider transforming your outdoor gatherings with this expansive French-style patio, perfect for hosting vibrant BBQ parties. Complete with a built-in dance floor, it sets the stage for unforgettable celebrations under the open sky

Furthermore, we can ensure the patio is a framed focal point. Consider adding some whimsical weaving pathways leading to and from the patio, equally the option to adorn the patio with sculptures, water features or blooming beds can all be considerations made during the initial design process. 

The positives of patios

The advantages of a paved area extend beyond providing a space for relaxation and dining. It can seamlessly blend into the landscape, guiding you to other focal points of the garden. Offering structure and a variety of textures, it introduces contrast and adds a new dimension to your outdoor space. By strategically creating different areas within the landscape, you can optimise the functionality of the area and enhance its overall appeal.

Growing ideas 

You may also consider enhancing the newly appointed patio to create a kitchen garden or place a greenhouse to watch seeds flourish. Envision the satisfaction of growing courgettes from seed, witnessing their growth from seedlings to flourishing plants and ultimately harvesting them to include in a delightful summer barbecue. 

Both options offer a reason to spend time outdoors, which as we now know can be very beneficial to our health and wellbeing. If only for a morning coffee or picking some home-grown fresh strawberries to add some juicy summer jewels to your breakfast. 

Soft touches to enhance

Seating options can be carefully selected to enhance and enrich the patio space. Consider bold colours to contrast with the warmth or opt for a sleek, modern appeal. Materials such as wicker and wood offer distinct styles, allowing you to customise the look to your preference. 

Adding textiles for additional flair can complete the overall feel. Don’t forget the final touch of lighting to set the ambiance and bring your garden to life. Each of these design choices can be further enhanced with plant life selected around the area. All of which our in-house team will consider and discuss with you during the initial design. 

Create a fresh areas in your garden with a patio or terrace. Perfect for relaxation, dining, and soaking up the sun during the warmer seasons. We would love to hear from you. Talk to us today.

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