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What Elements Can Enhance Our Landscapes?

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What Elements Can Enhance Our Landscapes?

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There are many factors that can enhance the landscape encompassing our homes, but which factors lend focus, structure, and overall enhancement to the landscape surrounding our homes?

Pots and planters introduce a dynamic dimension, allowing for the creation of versatile planting spaces that can be adapted to different seasons or themes. Urns, pots, and plinths bring classical elegance, serving as artistic vessels for vibrant blooms. Troughs and fonts offer a touch of rustic appeal, providing unique opportunities for water features or creative planting arrangements. The introduction of statues and stoneware imparts a timeless aesthetic, evoking the grandeur of history within the garden landscape. Mixing in metalwork adds a contemporary flair, contributing to the eclectic beauty of our outdoor havens. Together, these elements weave a tapestry of visual delights, transforming gardens and grounds into captivating retreats.

Let’s walk through those choices in more detail.  

Pots and Planters 

Pots and planters can be added around the landscape on paved areas, paths, decking areas or throughout a luscious lawn. They allow us to introduce a burst of floral beauty to any space. Waterfalls of floral blooms cascading with colour. There are numerous blooms that can thrive in pots and planters, allowing you to introduce a diverse palette to match your surrounds or even compliment your properties aesthetics. Alternatively, you may consider using them to cultivate herbs which can add both beauty and fragrance to your garden.

Basil, in particular, offers various options such as sweet basil, lemon basil or purple basil for added colour. Conveniently available for your culinary ventures, it also serves as a natural mosquito repellent.

The addition of pots and planters can also allow you to incorporate a variety of materials and textures to the landscape. An example being wrought iron, brass, galvanized steel, or copper; these can bring a vibrant splash of colour to the garden. It is crucial however to ensure that pots and planters have adequate drainage holes or air exchange to prevent overwatering. Additionally, during warmer months consideration is needed to avoid the possibility of plant damage from that heat exposure.

As we mentioned, there is a variety of materials up for grabs. Why not consider the charm of copper? One significant benefit is the capacity to release copper into the water, thereby making it readily available for the plant’s nutritional needs. Copper also possesses antimicrobial properties, effectively eliminating bacteria, mould, mildew, and fungi. Furthermore, copper is toxic to invertebrates such as slugs, worms, and both harmful and beneficial insects. Finally, the natural oxidation process of copper evolves over time, resulting in a captivating array of hues that enhance the pots aesthetic appeal.

Urns and Plinths

The versatility of urns and plinths lies in the extensive range of shapes, designs and sizes available. This allows you to strategically place these historical treasures throughout your landscape. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or seek ornate embellishments, you have the flexibility to use them simply or enhance their presence with an array of floral delights.

Stone can infuse a sense of grandeur into any landscape, invoking the majestic estates like Stowe, Blenheim and Iford. Handcrafted with a romantic and timeless appeal, these pieces add an elegant touch. When paired with flora, they further enhance the ambiance of the surrounding land, often serving as captivating focal points in gardens.

The diverse array of sizes, shapes, and styles available for urns and plinths offers ample opportunity for making bold statements with the flora and fauna they showcase. Whether you opt for vivid bursts of colour or a symphony of soft palettes, your creative preferences can take centre stage.

Troughs and Fonts

These more substantial pieces also offer a diverse range of shapes, sizes and designs, generally boasting a more majestic allure. Whether placed on paved surfaces or employed as a focal point, these larger options can be customised to function as a water feature or transformed into a fountain of blooming beauty.

Enabling us to integrate a serene presence of water into our landscape, water features offer pockets of tranquillity within our gardens. The gentle sound of trickling water, accompanied by aquatic plants, creates picturesque scenes reminiscent of a Monet painting. Troughs can offer a rustic Oxfordshire countryside appeal. Ranging again in sizes, able to fill with scented lavenders, heathers, or alpines and rock plants. 

Statues and Stonework

Integrating statues and stonework into your landscape can mirror the rich history ingrained in the essence of your estate. These elements serve to integrate and elevate the visual allure of your property.

An extensive array of statues awaits, allowing your individual taste to be interwoven within the gardens. Furthermore, stone walling, enhanced with ball finials, can be utilised to introduce structure, security, and secluded areas within your garden to relish.

Warm iron stone or granite patios can create meandering paths throughout your landscape, leading to focal points adorned with an assortment of statues, contributing to an overall sense of opulence and sophistication. The landscapes around us offer a canvas that can be adapted to suit, enhanced or simplified. Whatever your preference, be sure to consider some of the elements we have uncovered within this article.


From archways and tree seats to galvanised watering cans, milk churns, and obelisks, introducing a variety of textures can enhance the landscape. These structures can also play a practical role in supporting and complementing the flora throughout the grounds.

Offerings as minimalistic or intricate as your taste may take you. Metalwork again offers a contrasting texture to the garden. On our doorstep are many artists that can create artistic structures. Blacksmiths offer such a personal, one of a kind touch that can make such an impact on your garden. Be sure to check out our upcoming interview with Jake Alexander Gill Blacksmith, a blacksmith based in the Cotswolds.


Finally, let’s explore the wooden elements at your disposal. Pergolas provide a sturdy structure for climbing plants such as grapevines and wisterias to flourish. Decking and seating arrangements offer inviting spots to unwind and enjoy the views. Archways, arbours, and fencing add both visual appeal and practicality to the garden. The natural warmth of wood adds a rustic touch to the surroundings, offering a cost-effective alternative to stone while still enhancing the overall beauty of the garden.

What elements do you believe enhance our gardens? Are you contemplating the addition of statues to evoke a sense of grandeur? Perhaps a pergola to encourage climbers to thrive? Talk to us today to discuss your vision.

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