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How To Choose Your Garden Style

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How To Choose Your Garden Style

Garden Style Landscape Design

Gardens are very personal reflections of our tastes and lifestyles. So when it comes to designing your garden, here at The Oxfordshire Gardener we understand the importance of choosing a garden style that is going to best enhance the beauty of your landscape and suit your needs. 

No matter the size or shape of your garden, our designers are incredibly skilled at tailoring and shaping our landscapes into a variety of different garden styles. From expansive English country grounds to tranquil Japanese zen gardens, the beauty of garden design is that there are so many different styles that you can choose from. Filled with glorious colour schemes, textures and fragrances, our soft landscaping team work alongside our designers, putting the finishing touches to our projects with bespoke planting schemes. Delving into an assortment of captivating landscape designs, let’s choose the garden style that would be best suited to you!

Japanese gardens

Are you looking to create an idyllic garden retreat filled with a medley of tranquil sights and sounds? Then a Japanese zen garden could be just the one for you!

Typically minimalistic and naturally inspired spaces, Japanese gardens hold total tranquillity at the heart of their design. Infused with a blend of rockery, evergreens and gently flowing water, movement is an essential element used to influence the calming, zen nature of the Japanese garden style. Ponds are particularly popular zen garden features, framing serene seating spots for you to relax and unwind as you chime into the hypnotic nature of your surroundings.

Regarded as symbolic pathways to paradise, you can find an array of decorative bridges dotted throughout Japanese garden designs. Adding a wonderful depth and interest to your landscape, bridges provide glorious spaces for you to cross waterways and admire the gardens that surround you.

Contemporary gardens 

Do you have a rather modern and contemporary taste? Formulated from smooth lines and cool tones, contemporary gardens are minimalistic yet beautiful outdoor spaces.

Crafted from resilient and hardy materials such as porcelain, metal and stone, this garden style is wonderful for brightening your space with a refreshing and innovative palette. With expansive paved areas softened by sculpted evergreens and bursts of bright blooms such as the delights of Hydrangea ‘Limelight’, our dreamy planting schemes dress our landscaped elements seamlessly.

Framing wonderful settings for seating areas and outdoor dining, a contemporary garden design is a particularly good choice if you enjoy hosting a variety of garden gatherings. With stylish garden structures such as pergolas and gazebos slotted into our many of our contemporary designs, these features allow you to fulfil your social butterfly side and make the most of your garden throughout all seasons.

English country gardens 

Dreamy and idyllic spaces that are expertly crafted with nature in mind, English country garden designs are great if you are looking to bring a blank canvas into fruition.

Traditionally including elements such as wide gravel chip pathways, flourishing borders, rose arches and trellis, English country gardens are striking designs that include authentic landscaping features complemented beautifully by an array of statement blooms. Often filled with kitchen and cutting gardens too, English country gardens are incredibly productive and are fabulous for kickstarting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Prairie gardens

A final favourite of ours is the charming prairie style. If you’re a lover of a looser and relaxed more planting style, then a prairie design may be exactly to your liking.

Constructed from winding rows of gravel chip pathways and assortments of raised beds and borders, the prairie garden style originally comes with influences from the American Midwest. Including ornamental grasses and palettes of ever-changing perennials, prairie gardens are fabulous for filling your garden with gorgeous year-round interest and colour. Often tiered to add greater depth to a landscape, this garden style is perfect if you’re looking to add a unique burst of colour and texture to your outdoor spaces.

Found a garden style that resonates with you and your landscape? Talk to us today to discover how our skilled landscape designers could transform your space into a stylish and cohesive design. 

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