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Moon Gardens

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Moon Gardens

Moon Gardens

Dreamy spots to relax and unwind beneath the stars, Moon Gardens are magnificent spaces filled with mesmerising textures and colour schemes. 

Here at The Oxfordshire Gardener we believe that you should be able to enjoy your gardens all year round, no matter the weather, season or time. So if you’re a night owl or a lover of late garden gatherings then a moon garden is a great feature to include within the greater expanse of your landscape. Lined with an assortment of stylish lighting techniques, curved gravel chip pathways and planting schemes that come to life beneath the moonlight, walk with us as we show you the idyllic features that make up Moon Garden designs.

Outdoor living

Do you you enjoy al fresco dining or hosting evening drinks? Then a Moon Garden filled with a selection of chic seating areas and aesthetic garden features is a great way for you to unwind with your loved ones beneath a hazy moonlit sky.

Using the craftsmanship of our skilled landscaping team, pergolas are timeless garden features that frame the ultimate spot for evening feasts and drinks. Framing a stylish and sheltered space, snuggle up and admire the stars from a cosy pergola furnished with an assortment of cosy soft furnishings and twinkling fairy lights.

Design inspiration

Moon Gardens are beautifully enhanced by garden structures and features. With origins dating back to China, moongates are a traditional lunar garden feature that can be found dotted throughout the island of Bermuda. Viewed as a symbol of good luck, these standout ornamental statues are original moon garden features that can be used to inspire and enhance our modern Moon Garden designs.

Enhancing your moon garden with areas of interest and striking focal points, sculptures and water features are wonderfully artistic elements that enrich your moon garden with a peaceful and serene ambience. We especially adore the Bite & Bite II sculptures from David Harber. Shaped from mirror-polished stainless steel, these glorious garden sculptures reflect moonlight beautifully to create a truly breathtaking lunar gardenscape.

Landscaping and lighting techniques

Guiding you swiftly throughout your Moon Garden, a collection of curved gravel chip pathways are the perfect way to frame a serene and sensory-rich landscape. Transporting you from sculptures to flowing fountains, vibrant planted beds and more, a route of seamlessly shaped garden pathways ensure to frame a tranquil garden route for you and your guests to explore.

Illuminating the way, embedding a series of sunken lights into your paving or adjacent to your pathways is a glorious way of bringing your garden to life at dusk. Creating a heavenly scene, garden spot lights, draped fairy lights and lanterns are just a few lighting techniques that putting the finishing touches to a glorious Moon Garden design.

Moonlit planting schemes

To engage your senses and fill your garden with bursts of floral interest, Moon Garden planting schemes are essential for dressing your garden with shimmering palettes and dynamic textures.

Perfect for training over pergolas and trellis, climbers such as white Japanese wisteria produce an abundance of glorious bright white blooms that are captured beautifully in the moonlight.

Cestrum Nocturnum, otherwise known as “Night Blooming Jasmine” is another gorgeous plant that is frequently included within many Moon Garden designs. A charming woody shrub, this plant produces an array of delightfully perfumed blooms. Wonderfully illuminated in the moonlight, this plant lives up to it’s name by flourishing gorgeous collections of pearly white blooms that diffuse their fragrance even more so once the nighttime arrives.

Interested in bringing your garden to life at night? Talk to us to discover how our masterly in-house landscaping team could transform your landscape.

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