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Top 10 Refreshing Floral Takes on ‘Blue’ January

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Top 10 Refreshing Floral Takes on ‘Blue’ January

Gentle blue Hydrangeas

As we sail into the new year, it’s an ideal time to begin introducing some fresh pallets into our home and garden. Re-inventing ‘Blue January’ with tranquil tones that gracefully guide us through the winter months and into the warm embrace of spring. 

When it comes to blue, we have an array of choices. Let’s take a walk through a selection of those options: 

1. Forget-me-nots

A romantic classic; little clouds of blue haze that can both complement and create a backdrop for those taller fauna such as tulips.

2. Bluebells

Embodying quintessential British charm, these flowers grace our woodlands with a blanket of blue from late March to early May. Adding these to your harden, you play a role in enhancing the biodiversity, attracting butterflies and bees.

3. Cornflowers

These wondrous wildflowers can be enjoyed within your garden, giving a burst of blue within the foliage. Once flowered, why not bring that pop of colour into your home? 

These blooms are something that can be added to a cutting garden, resulting in blue hue of 2024 being equally enjoyed throughout your home.

4. Gentians

A hardy plant, and also one that can be used for its herbal attributes. Known for enhancing both the immune and digestive system. Beyond this, within the herbal medicine it can be used as a flavouring agent in bitters. Visually the funnel provides an intoxicating depth of colour. 

5. Meconopsis ‘Blue poppies’ 

Soft and gentle, these powder blue flowers can be mixed in with those more prominent, darker shades to offer a contrast of both texture and colour.

6. Salvias 

The term ‘salvia‘ originates from the Latin word ‘salveo,’ signifying ‘I heal’ or ‘I save.’ Allow this offering into your surroundings to do just that. They are a must for all gardens, as another magnet for bees and butterflies. Taking the meaning ‘Salvia’ into a reality and doing your bit for the world around us.

7. Blue Hydrangeas

These timeless beauties add a touch of elegance to your garden. Globe-like clusters of delicate blossoms showcase a spectrum of colours, ranging from soft pastels to deep, vibrant hues.

8. Delphinium ‘Firnglanz’

A traditional cottage garden flower. Standing tall and upright, the densely packed blooms create a striking visual display in the garden. These towers of colour, ranging from sky blue to those vivid tones can provide contrast, and an overall focal point in your grounds. 

9. Blue Fescue Grass

There are other offerings in the world of fauna and flora. One of which can provide a tranquil treat is Blue Fescue Grass. This specific grass has a unique blue coloration; adding a further cool and calm effect on the garden landscape.

10. Blueberries

Not only a tasty addition to your garden, but blueberry bushes also contribute to the aesthetic with their lovely blue-hued berries. They add a touch of beauty to landscapes with their seasonal changes, from blooming flowers to colourful foliage in autumn. Overall, blueberry plants are a delightful addition to gardens, offering both visual appeal and a tasty harvest.

Have you considered introducing a kitchen garden into your landscape? Blueberries could be among the numerous charming elements, offering a delightful array of colours, textures, contrasts, and, most importantly, flavours right at your fingertips.

Explore the various shades of blue nature offers, from classic forget-me-nots to quintessentially British bluebells and wondrous cornflowers that can transition from garden to home. Welcome the hue of blue in 2024 and reinvent the winter blues with a burst of natural beauty.

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