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Sustainable Gardenscapes

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Sustainable Gardenscapes

Sustainable Gardenscapes

Working in harmony with nature and local environments, our garden designers adore crafting beautifully bespoke and sustainable gardenscapes. 

If your landscape is crying out for a new and cohesive design then a sustainable garden scene is the best way to achieve a liveable landscape that gives back to the environment at the same time. Designed to encompass a variety of glorious garden structures and wonderfully vibrant planting schemes, there is an endless variety of sustainable features that can be easily slotted seamlessly within your design.

Ranging from composting bays to nectar-rich planting schemes, our designers make the most of every inch of your landscape so that you can achieve the most from your garden in the most environmentally conscious way. Let’s explore the best ways to shape your outdoor space into a stunning yet sustainable gardenscape.

Water features 

Providing a home and sanctuary for all kinds of garden wildlife, large bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds are an idyllic feature to establish within your landscape. Framing a peaceful waterside retreat, settle a secluded seating area adjacent to the water and tune in to the tranquil sights and sounds of your feature.

Shaping a refreshing spot for birds to bathe and to take a drink, water features are incredibly valuable features that considerably support the pollinators and ecosystems that exist within your garden. Creating a safe breeding and resting space for a wide variety of animals, water features are also delightfully peaceful elements to integrate within your design. Found to have wonderful benefits to mental health, listening to the sound of running water has even been found to both calm your mind and body.

Kitchen and cutting gardens

Easily nestled into gardens of all shapes and sizes, culinary gardens are a fantastic way to kickstart a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Brimming with fresh home-grown produce, kitchen gardens are wonderful for reducing your carbon footprint.

Reducing your need for supermarket-bought foods and therefore considerably decreasing your household waste too, a kitchen garden means that your house will have less plastic and packaging needing to be eventually thrown away. Providing your family with an abundance of flavoursome and nutrient-dense ingredients, kitchen gardens are superb for enhancing your homemade meals and boosting your diet.

If you regularly find yourself buying beautiful cut blooms, then a cutting garden is a charming feature to blend within your sustainable space. Crafted bespoke to your tastes and palette preferences, our planting designers fill borders and raised beds with glorious planting schemes flourishing with bursts of colourful blooms and vibrant textures. From the springtime delights of Tulipa to the swaying globes of alliums, pick up your trusty pair of snips and cut your very own customised bunch of blooms, fragrant and vivid, ready to brighten your interiors throughout the seasons.

Planting for pollinators and more…

Carefully handpicked and crafted by our masterly planting design team, planting schemes are a superb way of putting the finishing touches to your dreamy and sustainable gardenscape. Adding gorgeous year-round textures and colours to your garden, planting schemes are fabulous for attracting beneficial pollinators to explore your outdoor areas. The striking delights of Dahlias, Lavandula and Echinacea are just a few of our floral favourites that are nectar-rich and perfect for filling your garden with bursts of beautiful colour and structure.

And it’s not just your garden beds and borders that can be enhanced with an array of beautiful blooms! Why not soften the edges of your driveways with idyllic drifts of floral fragrance and texture too? Making the most out of your landscape and dressing your hard standings with a natural and seamless palette, areas such as driveways are a fabulous way to boost your garden’s nectar score to the max.

Home composting bays 

Providing your garden with an ongoing supply of nutrient-rich soil and mulch, composting is a fantastic solution for recycling both your household and garden waste. From lawn cuttings and woody branches to unwanted vegetable peelings, a home composting system is an essential tool for kickstarting a sustainable garden.

When we think of composting, the concept of waste can seem rather unpleasant. However, with the expert craftsmanship of our landscaping team, our designers are fantastic at seamlessly slotting composting bays into a range of our designs. Made from a variety of natural and sustainable materials, our team craft these sustainable systems to suit both your design and your style.

Looking to transform your outdoor space into a sustainable gardenscape? Talk to us today to uncover how our specialist design team could shape your garden into a sustainable haven. 

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