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9 Ways to Refresh your Front of House

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9 Ways to Refresh your Front of House

Readily awaiting to greet you home and invite you indoors, the front of your house is a fundamental part of your garden’s design. 

Welcoming family and guests inside, the front of your house is a versatile space that can be moulded into a number of functional and beautiful areas that suit your home and your interiors. A large segment of your landscape that shouldn’t be overlooked, the beauty of front entrances are that they hold so much potential for a wide variety of features that can further enhance your home and improve your lifestyle. Ranging from glorious gravel driveways to smooth paved pathways, there are an endless range of elements that our garden designers like to embed within our designs to bring our entrances to life. Read on for an insight into our design team’s top 9 tips for refreshing front of house spaces.

1. Block paving 

Available in a variety of shades and materials, our in-house landscaping team use block paving to shape glorious driveways and garden pathways which sit seamlessly embedded into the natural landscape of your garden.

2. Gravel chip pathways

Chiming a satisfying sound when walked on or driven across, gravel chip pathways and driveways make delightful additions to any landscape. Adding wonderful interest to your primary garden scene and effortlessly guiding you towards the entrance of your home, gravel chippings are a fantastic material choice as they correspond with your natural surroundings superbly and are even great for drainage too!

3. Elegant driveways

To further enhance your entrances, why not dress the edges of your driveway with drifts of floral perfume and bursts of flourishing flowerheads? To magnify the sensory interest of our driveways, two examples that our planting designers often include are the vivid and fragrant delights of Alliums and Lavandula.

4. Planting schemes

To bring your front of house to life with striking palettes that shift throughout the seasons, a carefully hand-drawn planting plan from our creative design team is a fantastic place to start. Brimming with dense and nectar-rich blooms, planting schemes attract an abundance of pollinators into your garden and complement your home all year-round.

5. Culinary spaces

When we think of kitchen gardens, we typically think of large spaces filled with a combination of raised beds and borders. However what if we told you that you didn’t need a large space to have a kitchen garden! Why not turn your front of house into your very own culinary space with an assortment of raised beds? Snip fresh herbs to juicy red tomatoes and head back indoors to infuse your meals with flavourings fresh from the garden.

6. Extravagant entrances

To give your home an extra special touch we adore dressing main entrances and doorways with statement trees and plants. In one of our designs below, our team included two potted bay lollipop trees in two gorgeous terracotta pots to create a stylish front garden scene.

7. Cutting gardens

Similarly to kitchen gardens, we often mistake that a large open space is needed for the foundations of a cutting garden. However, with a combination of handcrafted raised beds, our skilled landscaping team are able to form cutting gardens in a number of tricky and unusual front of house spots.

8. Sculptures & water features

Adding the wow factor to any landscape design, our designers incorporate sculptures and water features into our gardens to enhance the ambience and artistry that flows throughout the design. From a gently running rill to a statement driveway centre-piece, these features are great for putting the finishing touches to our elegant front of house projects.

9. Soften boundaries

In many of our city terrace gardens we often find that these front of house spaces are enclosed with an assortment of boundaries to add an extra touch of privacy to the space. Gently shielding the front of your house, our designers often use fencing or hedging to define these spaces, softening any boundaries. Trellis is another wonderful privacy alternative that can be further dressed with an enchanting climber too such as a stunning Clematis or climbing rose.

Is your front of house in desperate need of a rejuvenation? Talk to us today to discover how our masterly design team could transform your space into an idyllic front of house scene.

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