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Hop On! Upcoming Autumn/Winter Garden Trends 2020

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Hop On! Upcoming Autumn/Winter Garden Trends 2020

Autumn Winter Garden Trends

With autumn on its way, the team are starting to prepare our gardens for the chilly months ahead, with a seasonal twist! So, we caught up with our design team to bring you the latest upcoming autumn/winter 2020 garden trends. 

Read on as we reveal some exciting seasonal must haves:

The Ultimate Hideaway 

As the seasons change from summer to autumn, social gatherings traditionally vacate from the crisp garden to the warm indoors, but that doesn’t needs to be the case.

This year is all about bringing the indoors outside and extending your home into your garden creating a whole new unique room. 

So, why not install a luxuriously cosy cabin for you, your family and friends to all enjoy together? A wooden hideaway is the perfect place to enjoy a steaming hot chocolate whilst catching up with friends. 

Watch films with the family, all snuggled up in a fluffy throw. Fire pits, outdoor projectors and mini fridges are the ultimate accessories to add to your cabin, creating your very own secret wonderland within your garden. Hanging lanterns and fairy lights also creates a cosy, seasonal atmosphere. 

Autumn Winter Garden Trends

The Winter Kitchen Garden 

The rise in veganism and promotion of healthy diets, means that many people have revised their nutrition and started to tentatively grow their own vegetables at home.

Kitchen gardens are the ultimate dietary solution, providing fresh produce, conveniently at hand in your own garden. And vegetable-growing isn’t just a summery pastime. Onions, shallots, garlic, peas and much more can all be grown well into autumn and winter. Perfect for making scrumptious warm salads and wholesome soups. 

Our kitchen garden experts can help you design, plan, plant and harvest a steady crop of delicious homegrown treats over an extended growing season, so if you’re keen to hop on to an environmentally friendly and nutritious 2020, please talk to us about making your garden a productive one. 

Bold and Bright 

You’ve had a bright and beautiful summer, but just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean that your garden can’t still radiate colour. With soil staying fresh, moist and warm, September is the ideal period to add some bright autumn blooms for a seasonal colour refresh. 

Winter Autumn Garden Trends

Traditionally, dahlias and anemones have been viewed as the ultimate autumn flowers. Currently in season, these flowers bring blooms that bound to give your garden an autumnal glow until the frost begins to fall.

Here’s more ideas to extend the floral bounty in your beds and borders:

Ceratostigma willmottianum (Chinese plumbago) is a stunning autumnal shrub that produces beguiling blue blooms. This enchanting plant carries on a sensation of summer  into autumn, illuminating your garden. And blue is trending this season, with catwalks deeming that blue is cool for autumn 2020. 

Camellia ‘Yuletide’ is a fascinatingly festive flower. Dark green foliage surrounds an explosion of ruby red petals that contrasts exquisitely against a nest of golden stamens. This remarkable flower is a phenomenal winter garden addition, that both connotes Christmas and brings a unique seasonal blend of colour to your garden. 

Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’ is a variety that produces a lavish lilac flower that will flourish during the winter to liven up your crisp winter garden. Vivid and vibrant, Erysimum diffuses a delightful scent, creating a unique essence for your winter garden. 

Homes for Hedgehogs

The cooler months are a challenging time for our wildlife, but simple yet stylish features within our gardens can offer our pawed and winged friends a helping hand.

Hedgehog homes are perfect solutions for increasing biodiversity. They provide a safe place for hedgehogs to live in the warm, protected from the harsher weather. They can be designed to blend with the natural aesthetics of your garden or offer something rather smart.

Autumn Winter Gardens Trends

Log Walls are a lovely addition to your garden. Natural and easy to install, log walls attract a wide variety of beneficial insects that will protect your garden plants and will eliminate unwanted insect pests. Log piles also provide a habitat for small mammals and provide a food source for a variety of other wild garden animals.  

Could your garden use a helping hand as we head into autumn? Our team of friendly, professional horticulturalists, landscapers and designers help to make gardens more inviting, usable and beautiful throughout the year. 

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