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Grow Your Love with 7 Valentine Showstoppers

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Grow Your Love with 7 Valentine Showstoppers

Valentine Love Blooms

Looking to give the one you love a Valentine’s day gift that they will never forget?

At this time of year we’re bombarded with chocolate boxes, cards, candles, jewellery… the list goes on! So, this year, why not stand out from the crowd and give your special someone a gift that they can grow and nurture, such as a show-stopping garden bloom. Handpicked by our specialist soft landscaping team, we’ve collated a master gift guide filled with 7 of our top garden plants that your special person is guaranteed to love. A gift that they can tend to and admire for years to come, there’s no display of love quite as thoughtful as giving the one you love a glorious garden bloom that reflects their tastes and traits.

Eager to pick their best suited bloom? Come with us as we guide you on how to best grow your love this February.

1. Hyacinthoides non-scripta 

A unique Valentine’s choice, bluebells are an enchanting woodland bloom that make a truly wonderful gift. A charming springtime bulb that can be easily established into any landscape, bluebells fill your garden with glorious blue carpets of fragrance. Given as a symbol of constancy in the Victorian language of flowers, bluebells have developed this connotation due to their loyal nature of re-appearing and springing up throughout the garden.

2. Rosa

Of course, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day unless we included a mesmerising variety of rosa, would it?

Delightfully scented, roses have long stood as a symbol of love, stemming from the Victorian era and the Victorian language of flowers. A favourite of our designer’s is Rose ‘Chandos Beauty’. Diffusing a sweet perfume and large pale pink blooms, this rose is available as a bare root and produces an abundance of blooms in the cutting garden to be snipped and displayed indoors, enhancing your interiors beautifully.

3. Gardenia jasminoides

Producing a swirling collection of ivory blooms that contrast wonderfully against a backdrop of glossy emerald leaves, Gardenia jasminoides or ‘Cape jasmine’ is a striking addition to the garden. Incredibly fragrant, these dreamy white blooms are perfect for awakening planters and containers.

4. Dahlia 

Regarded as a symbol of devotion, love and beauty in the Victorian era, Dahlias are striking blooms that are perfect for settling into your cutting garden or for awakening your beds. Producing gorgeous cut blooms, Dahlias are often seen at weddings due to their romantic and historic symbolism.

Boasting bold flowerheads and blush coloured petals, our soft landscaping team adore the delights of ‘Café au Lait’.

5. Fritillaria meleagris

Most commonly known as ‘snake’s head fritillary’, Fritillaria meleagris is a variety of wild Tulip that has a distinctive look as it droops a singular flowerhead with a charming chequered collection of petals. A glorious springtime bulb, snake’s head fritillary is also in fact the county flower of Oxfordshire!

6. Hydrangea 

A symbol of grace, beauty and peacefulness, Hydrangeas are eye-catching garden showstoppers that are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Flowering from mid-late summer, the beauty of Hydrangeas are that they are available in a wide range of colours and can brighten various spots in any style of garden.

7. Galanthus nivalis

Traditionally known as the first sign of spring, snowdrops are enchanting and delicate white blooms that are wonderful for brightening slightly shadier spaces. A symbol of new beginnings and hope, snowdrops are viewed as prosperous blooms due to their resilient and hardy nature, often seen to be pushing up through the soil in winter and snowy conditions.

Interested in threading these romantic delights throughout your landscape? Talk to our soft landscaping team to discover how we can bring these flowers into your garden with a fresh planting scheme. 

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