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Contemporary Garden Elements

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Contemporary Garden Elements

Contemporary Garden Style

Blending Modernist ideas and trending aesthetics, contemporary garden design is an incredibly popular and ever-developing form of landscape design.  

Framing a crisp and inviting scene, contemporary garden designs are constructed from particularly refreshing and orderly compositions. Incorporating clean lines, innovative features and bold planting schemes, contemporary gardens include a variety of slick garden elements that complete your garden scene with a pristine and contemporary finish. Taking a closer look into popular materials and sustainable strategies, let’s delve into some of our design team’s top contemporary garden elements.

Outdoor living spaces

Extending your interiors out into the garden, outdoor living rooms are a great way to achieve an extra social space for all your family and friends to enjoy. Built from materials such as wooden or metal beams, pergolas are a striking garden feature that enhance your garden with a glorious contemporary look. Sheltered spots to enjoy garden gatherings, feasts or quiet drinks no matter the time of day or season, adding a pergola to your landscape is a fantastic way to ensure that you make the most of your garden all year round.

Garden rooms, pods and arbours are a few more outdoor living spaces that you can easily integrate within your landscape. Framing enclosed spots for a quiet read to stylish garden gyms, these features are incredibly versatile and can be shaped to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Sustainable living features

With many of us becoming much more environmentally conscious and actively looking to kickstart more sustainable lifestyles, sustainability is found at the heart of our garden designs. Corresponding beautifully with the cool hues and tones found within contemporary design, our landscaping team enhance a variety of our landscapes with raised beds to create glorious culinary and cutting garden spaces. Brimming with scrumptious garden-grown produce and vibrant cut blooms, raised beds are wonderful for boosting a sustainable lifestyle whilst effortlessly continuing the contemporary look of your garden.

Lighting techniques

If you’re looking to enhance the idyllic nature of your contemporary garden then dotting a series of garden spotlights throughout your garden is a great place to start. Sunken decking lights, tree spotlights, lanterns and fairy lights are a few wonderful ways to frame a magical garden ambience.

Perfect for late night drinks and evening gatherings, snuggle down and cosy up next to the flickering flames from a garden fire pit. Adding a focal point and an extra spot of lighting to your nighttime garden, fire pits make beautiful centrepieces for contemporary gardens of any shape or size.

Planting schemes

To soften hard standings and create a flourishing modern scene, planting schemes are the essential finishing touch for perfecting any form of garden design. Adding a glorious sense of structure and evergreen form to the garden, carefully sculpted topiary, such as shaped Buxus balls are very popular in contemporary garden design.

Complimenting the tranquil and dreamy notion of contemporary garden designs, we often include a variety of ornamental grasses throughout our designs. From the feathery varieties of Stipa tenuissima to the likes of the dense Miscanthus, grasses are fabulous for adding movement and unique textures to your garden scene.

Adding a beautiful burst of colour to your contemporary scene, Echinacea purpurea is a statement perennial that boasts a striking flowerhead, filling your garden with wonderful splashes of floral interest.

Sculptures and water features

Striking centrepieces that draw your eye in to explore the glorious gardens beyond, sculptures and water features are popular contemporary design features that can transform your garden into a luxurious and chic design. The breathtaking Torus sculpture crafted by David Harber, is a mesmerising example art form that emphasises the beauty of any landscape, adding depth and a bespoke dimension to your outdoor space.

Is there anything more peaceful than tuning in to the sounds and sights of running water? Filling your garden with visual and sensory interest, garden fountains are essential for putting the finishing touches to an exquisite contemporary design. Expertly crafted, the Sky Chalice by David Harber is a divine mirror-polished fountain. Oscillating a ring of whirling water, the Sky Chalice is a luxurious statement piece that reflects the sky above and surrounding scenery beautifully.

Ready to transform your garden into a contemporary garden design?Discover how our award-winning designers could establish and settle these striking features within your landscape. 

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