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Garden Rooms – How To Extend Your Home

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Garden Rooms – How To Extend Your Home

Garden Rooms

We often find ourselves wishing we could simply extend our homes in the blink of an eye. But have you ever considered shifting your focus to the garden?  

A growing contemporary garden hack, we’ve seen garden rooms soaring in popularity and we’re not surprised why! A more cost-effective alternative to a traditional home extension, garden rooms are the perfect solution as they allow you to make the most of your blank outdoor spaces by transforming them into versatile areas for you to relax, dine or even exercise! There are so many different ways that you can modify garden rooms in order to suit you, your family and your lifestyle. Come with us as we take a look into a few of the functions that garden rooms can encompass and let’s find your perfect fit.

Outdoor kitchen/dining spaces 

Are you a lover of outdoor dining? Or a top-notch party host? Or maybe you’re even a keen chef! Then why not transport your love for creating culinary delights out into the garden to enjoy an immersive year-round dining experience. If hosting beautiful banquets and evening drinks is more up your street then a garden room is a beautifully unique way of framing a dinner party scene that will guarantee to give your guests the VIP feeling.

Home gyms

Tired of travelling to the gym? Then why not bring the gym to you! If fitness and physical well-being is a critical part of your everyday routine then a garden gym is a simple investment that will both save you time and leaves you free from a membership. Envision a private, air-conditioned space, with equipment tailored to you and your workouts. Furnished with glass doors and surround-sound speakers, create a professional fitness studio that ensures to get you pumped and prepped for a workout no matter what time of day.

WFH in style

Since the pandemic, it’s no surprise that working from home has continued to prove a popular choice for workers across the UK and beyond. If you like many others now find yourself working remotely much more than you did before then why not take your office outside? When working from home we understand the struggles of trying to find sufficient office space, especially when other members of your family work remotely too. So, this is where a garden office could be the answer that solves all of your WFH troubles. Brought to life with a contemporary desktop and snazzy seating area, garden offices provide secluded places for you to work away with limited distractions, whilst you admire your tranquil garden vista that sits before you.

One for the film lovers

Do you and your family love to snuggle up and get lost in a brand new blockbuster? Bring the excitement of the cinema to your very own home with an outdoor cinema room. Grab your popcorn and naughty snacks, as you take a journey through the garden to find an exclusive movie hideout. Nestle down into a cosy armchair and tuck yourself under a silky throw as you admire the stars above. Don’t forget to head over to the bar too to pick up a cooling refreshment. Sssh it’s about to begin!

Creative studio 

Creating artwork can be a rather messy process… As fellow creatives, we also know that the task of crafting artwork at home can become a rather restricted hobby if you have to frequently experience the challenge of finding a space where all chances of  damaging beloved pieces of furniture with drips of acrylic are avoided. So, why not let your creativity run free within your very own art studio. Store textiles, materials and even display some of your own work for a bespoke garden gallery feel. A creative space like no other that you can truly call your own (and where you can also create as much mess as you like!).

Interested in creating your very own garden room? Get in touch today and let’s discover how we can design your garden to include a garden room of your choosing.

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