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Trending Planting Palettes

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Trending Planting Palettes

Trending planting palettes

With our gardens flourishing and blooming beautifully in the spring sunshine, let’s take a look into the current trending planting palettes that we’ll be seeing popping up throughout garden designs this 2024.

With the weather beginning to warm and our gardens beginning to come into their own, our soft landscaping team are eagerly awaiting to implement our latest planting schemes and designs. From soft peachy hues to vibrant evergreens, design your garden to be on-trend this year with the most popular planting choices of 2024.

Peach fuzz 

Pantone’s colour of the year, we can see the warm and radiant shade of peach fuzz springing into life throughout landscapes this season. Flourishing vibrant honey-tinted petals, Tulipa ‘Lorenzo’ and Tulipa ‘Apricot Foxx’ are two striking varieties of tulipa, that ensure to brighten up an array of borders and containers.

Iris germanica, otherwise known as the bearded iris, is another wonderful plant that can add a deeper shade of peach and visual interest to your beds and borders. Iris germanica ‘Goodbye Heart’ is a beautiful example that can boost borders and containers with a delightfully soft and warming peach-tinted palette.

Cyber lime 

A vivid shade of green, cyber lime is an eye-catching colour that fills your garden with vibrancy. Contrasting effortlessly with neighbouring plants and statement florals, cyber lime is a refreshing colour to add to your landscape.

Fantastic for boosting our gardens with early summer interest, Euphorbia is a wonderful plant to add an exotic pop of cyber lime to your garden. Adding bold texture and structure to your garden, Euphorbia is excellent paired in a planting scheme with a variety of other colourful garden blooms.

Perfect for slotting into a range of planting schemes, Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ is another refreshing shade of cyber lime. With flowers morphing from bright green to a soft shade of cream, this shrub can also provide beautiful cut blooms to brighten up your interiors too.

Vibrant purples

Contrasting effortlessly against evergreen backdrops, shades of purple are going to be extremely popular this year and will be popping up throughout a number of garden designs this year.

Adding height and a burst of purple to your garden scene, Alliums otherwise know as ‘ornamental onions’ are wonderful for threading through beds and borders. Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ is a beautiful purple variety that flourishes effortlessly in summer and produces an abundance of flowers that can be cut and enjoyed indoors too!

Filling your garden with late summer colour, Verbena bonariensis is a charming perennial that can often be found in many different prairie-style schemes, paired with ornamental grasses to create a glorious effect of flow and movement throughout any landscape. Verbena bonariensis ‘Vanity’ is a particularly striking variety that attracts waves of beneficial pollinators and wildlife to explore your garden.

Looking to awaken your outdoor spaces with bursts of beautiful colour and splashes of colour? Get in touch to discover how we restore outdoor spaces into bespoke designs. 

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