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Secret Gardens – What Are They?

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Secret Gardens – What Are They?

Secret Garden Design

Secret gardens are often mentioned in garden design and fiction, but what are they? 

Most commonly found in enclosed and hidden garden spots, secret gardens are charming attractions that provide you with a spot of serenity to unwind within after a long day. Designed to include eye-catching features, garden trails and vibrant pollinator-friendly planting schemes, secret gardens are a wonderful form of garden design that can easily be slotted into a variety of different garden spaces.

Come with us as we explore how you can easily sculpt and settle a secret garden into your landscape.

Where to position your secret garden

If you have a space in your garden that is currently looking rather bare or is more tucked away from the greater landscape, then this could be the perfect place to create your secret garden. Secret gardens are best known for their magical ambience, therefore creating secret gardens beneath a collection of trees or adjacent from fencing is a fabulous way to form an idyllic secret garden setting.

Secret gardens truly are hidden outdoor treasures. Crafted to give the sensation that we naturally stumble upon them, these gardens are designed with mystery and wonder at their heart. Encouraging you to peek round corners and explore more of what lies within the garden, beyond your initial view.

How to create tranquillity 

Using a combination of hard and soft landscaping elements, the most enchanting and tranquil secret gardens are formed from professionally tailored and bespoke garden designs. Using techniques such as fencing, stone walls or even rows of trees or shrubs, our garden designers craft peaceful and idyllic spots away from the busyness of your everyday home.

Including water into your gardenscape is a great way to enhance the natural beauty and ambience of your secret garden. Gently flowing fountains, streams and rills are a fantastic way of diffusing a sense of enchantment throughout your secret space. Enabling you to cross over bodies of water, settling a rustic bridge into your garden scene creates a truly beautiful secret retreat.

Enticing pollinators and wildlife into your garden, planting schemes filled with bright and colourful blooms are a crucial element for putting the finishing touches to any secret garden design. Enhancing your secret garden with a wild and natural aesthetic, planting schemes tailored to your colour preferences and style are the most effective way to bring your secret garden design to life with fragrance and visual interest. Yoshino cherry trees, erigeron karvinskianus and stipa tenuissima are just a few planting varieties that our designers love to include within our secret garden designs.

Essential secret garden features

Archways dressed with fragrant climbers are a fantastic way of framing a beautiful and inviting entrance into your secret garden. Once you have entered into your secret escape, it is important to have a variety of seating spots dotted throughout your garden so that you can sit back and truly immerse yourself within your magical garden scene. Arbours, pergolas and sunken seating areas are just a few ways that you can create idyllic rest spots that blend beautifully into the natural surrounding landscape.

Further enhancing the natural beauty and mystical nature of your secret garden, a collection of sunken stepping stones or staggered pathways are a brilliant way of creating a garden route that gently guides you to explore the outdoor spaces that surround you.

Interested in establishing a secret garden into your landscape? Talk to our masterly design team today to uncover how we can help to transform your garden space. 

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