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8 Stylish Garden Seating Ideas

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8 Stylish Garden Seating Ideas

Stylish Seating Areas

With the recent warm weather and the summer sunshine on the horizon, what better time to begin exploring a few ways to include stylish garden seating areas into your landscape? 

From cosy sunken lounge areas to vintage garden benches, there are so many unusual and unique ways to integrate a selection of stylish seating areas into your landscape. Framing a collection of peaceful garden havens, seating is a great way to take a break from your everyday and take in the beautiful sights and fragrances found within your garden. Let’s explore 8 ways in which our skilled team landscape stylish seating areas into our glorious garden designs.

1. Pergolas 

Creating a sheltered and enclosed seating space, pergolas are a fantastic way to make the most of your garden no matter the weather, season or time of day. Enhanced with an expansive outdoor dining table and chairs, pergolas are wonderful for gifting you a space to indulge in outdoor dining or drinks.

2. Arbours

If you’re looking to add a spot of privacy into your garden for a bit of “you time” then a secluded arbour may be the perfect garden feature for you. Easily slotted into all kinds of tricky garden spaces, arbours are a great place to form your very own reading nook or a secluded retreat for you to start your day off with a peaceful morning coffee.

3. Sunken seating 

If you have a sloping garden or are looking to add different levels to your garden, then a sunken seating area is a great way to add a new dynamic to your garden scene. Integrating a tiered selection of levels into your landscape, a sunken sofa area dressed with soft furnishings is a wonderful way to create a cosy outdoor scene.

4. Outdoor kitchens and bars

From contemporary to more rustic styles, outdoor kitchen and bar areas are a great way to make the most of your garden space. Creating a sheltered space for you to relax throughout the day and night, these outdoor spaces are essential features for garden entertaining.

5. Raised beds 

If you’re looking to slot a spot of seating into a rather challenging space, then why not try extending your raised beds with a corresponding garden bench. Made to match your raised beds, creating a garden bench adjacent to your raised beds is a fantastic way to immerse yourself within the aromas and idyllic surroundings of your garden.

6. Hanging chairs

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax with a drink or dive into your latest book, then a hanging chair could be the perfect fit for you. Easily positioned onto decking, turf or paved spaces, hanging chairs are an idyllic addition to your garden, creating a gently swaying spot for you to drift off and relax.

7. Tree benches

Creating a naturally shaded space, tree benches are a sublime garden feature that enable you to tune into the relaxing sounds and sights of your garden.

8. Rooftop seating 

If your home has a beautiful rooftop, then why not extend your garden and transform this area into a vibrant green space. Adorned with beautiful blooms and chic garden furniture, rooftops are unique and peaceful spaces to kick back and relax.

Looking to add a series of stylish seating areas into your landscape? Talk to our team today to find out how we design and craft an array of idyllic seating areas. 

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