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Re-design Your Table Scene

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Re-design Your Table Scene

Has your table scene lost its charisma? Well, let’s rediscover its glamorous edge, as we show you how to dress your table to the nines. Over time, a few of us can become guilty of dressing our tables in their routine safety suit. Now, you are probably wondering what on earth I mean, right? I shall explain… 

Over the years we acquire sets of delightful tableware, glassware, cutlery etc and this is how the cycle starts. One day you will create an utterly divine table scene that you will simply fall in love with and without even knowing it, this becomes the moment that your table scene safety suit is born. From then on, all your dining occasions are graced with the same repeated and re-created table scene. It’s easy and a people pleaser, so as humans it’s no wonder that this becomes a repeated ritual. 

But here at Bloomsbury Home, we want you to break this unhealthy homeware cycle and to find your own creative flare. We want you to fall back in love with redesigning your table scene whilst refreshing your dining room interiors and enhancing your dining experience. So, what are you waiting for? Come with us as we show you how Bloomsbury Home can lend a helping hand.

The Silk Moon Collection 

With spring approaching fast, the silk moon collection is the perfect way to awaken your table. Washed in a dreamy, creamy palette and rimmed in caramel, these tactile ceramic bowls are a breath of fresh air, lighting up any table setting. Like a handcrafted moon with a sunset rim, our Silk Moon Dinner Plate frames a magical dining scene. Bright white and minimalistic, this dazzling plate will emphasise all of your culinary creations. 

To create the finished and truly timeless Silk Moon setting, just add our Silk Moon Side Plate to the scene. Paired perfectly, these gorgeous pearl-like plates offer an excellent contrast to other vibrant tablewares.

If you also enjoy a naughty little selection of nibbles then you’ll adore our Silk Moon Dip Bowl. Present cool guacamole, tzatziki and other flavoursome dips in these stylishly simple dip bowls and bring a little party atmosphere to early evening appetisers. 

The Deauville Collection 

Stand out from the crowd and create a table scene like no other with the divine Deauville collection. Washed in a glamorous grey, Deauville is elegantly up-to-the-minute, yet timeless. 

To start, serve scrumptious salads and starters on the Deauville Salad Plate. When paired with our Deauville Dinner Plate, this sophisticated duo creates an artfully unaffected dining scene. And don’t forget to add our to-die-for Deauville Bread Plate to the mix. With Ultimate Gray, one of Pantone’s colours of the year 2021, this glorious grey collection is seriously in sync with the world of contemporary colour. 

The Harvest Collection 

Champagne. We absolutely adore this colour (and the bubbles!). Touted as another of  currently being one of 2021’s most trending colours, our sandy, champagne coloured Harvest Collection makes for both a trendy and timeless set of tableware. Washed in a balanced and neutral shade, these exquisite pieces guarantee to correspond excellently with a range of differing interiors. 

Inspired by beaches across the Atlantic coast, this charming collection is both light and refreshing. Spring tableware that is perfect for outdoor dining, brunches, lunches and more! 

Take the Harvest Cup in Barley. Ice-cold super smoothies, homemade frappuccinos or just a simple slice of lemon in water, this beautifully crafted cup makes a striking addition to all spring and summer sipping.

Feeling slightly peckish? Then our Harvest Snack Bowl in Barley is here to save the day. The perfect size for serving up a couple of refreshing drinks and a little bowl of nuts or olives to graze on whilst you lap up the sun’s gentle rays. Relax into some new season nibbling with a little help from the sandy harvest collection. 

The Artisan Potter’s Collection

At Bloomsbury Home, we’ve noticed many different shades of blue and white floating around this spring. So if this trend has tickled your fancy then you will adore our aesthetic Artisan Potter’s Pearl Bowl. Made from a beautiful blend of cool white into deep azure, this handmade design is perfect for fresh summer salads to steaming hot bowls of tasty pasta. 

If you prefer settling down with a cosy bowl of soup or cereal then our Artisan Potter’s Pearl Soup Bowl might be more up your street. And to kickstart the transition into spring why not try recreating Simon’s scrumptious leek and potato soup

The Richmond Cutlery Collection

And last but not least we have the all important Richmond Cutlery collection. Available in two mesmerising metallic shades of gold and copper, this cutlery has to be one of our Bloomsbury favourites. 

Made from solid stainless steel, these eye catching cutlery sets add a sparkle to any table scene and take you away into a dining dream. Coated in a gold or copper finish, these luxurious pieces are a twist on modern chic and will always ensure to add a splash of magic to any occasion. 

Eager to re-design your table scene? Discover more tantalising tableware and create a range of truly unforgettable dining scenes with a little help from Bloomsbury Home.

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