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How to Add a Splash of Modernism to Your Home

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How to Add a Splash of Modernism to Your Home

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Your home is the mirror for your character. A blank canvas that acts like an antique jewellery box, gradually beginning to fill with precious furnishings and cherished memories. So why not add a splash of modernism to the mix? 

Crafted by individuality and unique taste, the beauty of a home is this. Although sometimes similar on the outside, each and every one differs within. Forming our very own interior self-portrait. 

At Bloomsbury Home, our range of innovative homewares are the best of traditional craftsmanship, blended with a dash of modernism and a mix of vibrant compositions. The modernist movement, being such an iconic period in creative history, catalysed the revelation of new found expression. And our homewares are infused with this exact message, just as in art, music and theatre, interior design is yet another form of self-expression. 

We believe that every home should be filled with homewares that don’t just aesthetically please, but homewares that also project personality. So, come with us and browse a range of fashionable furnishings to suit your style whilst imparting a refreshingly modern twist throughout your home.

A touch of colour 

Have you ever wanted to add a splash of colour to your interiors, but you are just a little unsure how? It’s time to be daring and push yourself out of your comfort zone with the captivating Charleston cushions. Washed in a palette of emerald green, deep sea blue and coral, these luxurious cushions are perfect for blending a colourful radiance with your everyday interiors. Transport these cushions both indoors and outdoors, to create a range of sublimely chic spring seating areas. 

If subtle colour is more your style, then the Wyck rug in rose guarantees to be your perfect match. With a gentle hint of blush through patterned ecru, this radiant rug is great for transitioning a muted palette within both indoor and outdoor settings. Pretty in pink, this charming rug reflects springtime blooms and allows you to enjoy the seasonal sunshine in all its glory. 

Abstract designs 

Do you have a taste for art or an eye for abstract? Then our combination of contemporary designs and patterned homewares may be the answer to your prayers. Abstract interiors are an easy yet fascinating way to create depth within your home whilst initiating a unique edge. So, let’s see what we can find! 

Woven bumblebee through to lapis, the Hope basket in Wild Blue is a wonderfully vibrant floral decoration, and is the current queen of this category. Perfect for storing keys, adding a splash of colour to your walls and much much more, this beautiful basket is a truly sustainable treat for the eyes. Held together by an innovative colour scheme and a hidden shot of an unravelling bloom. 

Radiating vibes of alluring aztec, the Worton rug is a unique staple piece. Timeless and adaptable to a variety of home interiors, this flamboyant rug guarantees to add energy to any area, great or small. Made from 100% recycled PET and influenced by the palette of the sunset at dusk, this gorgeous rug completes a variety of striking indoor and outdoor scenes. With a combination of trendy shades and eye catching patterns, the Worton rug is the definition of modern chic and is ready to make base within your home today! 

The Modern Minimalist 

The most amazing thing about modernism is that there are so many different forms. Bright and colourful, subtle and muted, modernism can be found ingrained within homeware in all different shapes and sizes. But let’s take a quick break from vibrancy and focus on our minimalist furnishing friends. If you are someone that loves striking yet simple structures, then follow us, as we have a miraculously modern item just for you.

Fabulous furniture is a contemporary home essential and our Milford coffee tables tick all the boxes. Constructed from crisp cypress wood and gently curved iron, these chic coffee tables transform any interior into a trendy hangout. Ensure that all of your barista style beverages are enjoyed in bliss, and experience your freshly roasted morning blend like never before. Morning, noon and night, these simple yet stylish furnishings diffuse a touch luxury, framing an effortlessly polished home interior.

Explore the full range of homeware from countryside cottage core to the modishly urbane: Take me home.

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