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Planting Lettuce Seeds – In the greenhouse with Simon

Welcome to The Oxfordshire Gardener

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Planting Lettuce Seeds – In the greenhouse with Simon

Planting Seeds

Welcome and come inside The Oxfordshire Gardener greenhouse! This spring we are learning how to plant lettuce seeds ready for planting out in the garden with The Oxfordshire Gardener founder, Simon. 

Step-by-Step Instructions:  

  1. First you want to fill up your module trays with compost. Make sure to tap these down and level out.
  2. After firming these down, give these trays a gentle shake to settle the soil.
  3. Now you can carefully sprinkle 3-4 seeds into each module.
  4. Give the trays a sprinkling of water (being careful not to over water), so that the soil is nice and damp.
  5. Finally, give the trays one last dressing of compost over the top so that the seeds are all fully covered.
  6. You will need to check your modules every few days. If they seem dry, make sure to give them another drink!

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