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The Christmas Wreath Effect: How to channel a natural look & make it last longer

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The Christmas Wreath Effect: How to channel a natural look & make it last longer

Keep your natural christmas wreath fresh

Bemused by beautiful wreaths? Are you looking to order one, eagerly waiting for a workshop or foraging to make your own this year?

However you choose your Christmas wreath, once it’s home and beautifully settled how do you keep its natural, rakish good looks healthy? Discover how to keep your Christmas wreath looking freshly spruced throughout the festive period with our quick and easy-to-follow guide.

Channel a natural look

Choosing the right natural plant material is key to a long-lasting wreath. Evergreen foliage, festive berries and herbs are the real heroes to pick. These ingredients sustain not only its form and texture but also happily thrive with the seasonal climate at this time of year, as it is native to them. Think firs, myrtle, ilex and opulent viburnum berries, these hardy folk are winter’s friend on your front door. Amass with natural cones, corylus stems, verdant moss, lavender and rosemary’s sweet scents and you’re ready to welcome guests from now into the new year.

Location, location, location

Choosing the right spot to hang your Christmas wreath will keep it looking fresher for longer. To keep it nurtured, ideally settle it into a sheltered spot away from wind and direct sunlight. If it’s inside, best to keep it in a cool place. Thinking of the plant’s natural winter habitat, if it’s too warm it will just become a dried display sooner, but still beautiful. 

Water your wreath?

Give it a good drink regularly. Yes, Christmas wreaths enjoy a good drink and a refreshing fine misting too. Keeping the base moist is where your wreath will really benefit, every 4-5 days or before the base feels dry to the touch take the wreath and soak the base in the sink or on a flat surface. This will encourage water uptake from the cut stems. Misting the wreath every couple of days helps hydration too, take care if you have flower blooms such as roses and ranunculus not to mar the delicate petals though.

Top it up

Primp and preen. Just like a vase of flowers to increase the Christmas wreath life of flowers and foliage, snip away spent blooms or foliage and tuck in fresh sprigs, flower buds or festive rose hips from the garden or hedgerow finds. Make tweaks as you go; pop a statement colour in of dark-jewelled hydrangea, frosted poppy heads, vintage roses or the glory of the cashmere-like natural pussy willow for your Christmas wreath story.

Here’s a few products that might be useful in keeping your natural Christmas wreath, topped up and freshly foraged:

And for any extras that don’t quite make the final Christmas wreath, fill little vases of delight and bring the story inside:

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