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Styling an Oxfordshire Gardener Natural Christmas Wreath

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Styling an Oxfordshire Gardener Natural Christmas Wreath

oxfordshire gardener christmas wreath

At first glance at this time of year, some gardens can seem as though they aren’t quite the bountiful havens of the summer months. But look a little deeper and you may find that, though less obvious, the winter garden can bring just as much natural beauty to your decor as the cutting garden during June.

Natural foraged materials give a home an enviably subtle sense of style, but they also liven all of the senses. The texture of the tree bark, the comforting scent of the pine needles, the sweet taste of sloe gin and the glorious crackle of the pine cones on the fire all bring their own piece of magic this special time of year.

So don your winter jackets and head out into the cold for a bit of foraging and think how virtuous you will feel knowing you haven’t filled your house with yet more plastic decorations.


1 x wreath wire base

1 x florist wire

1 x pair of scissors

A bag of moss

Sprigs of fir and pine cones

Sprigs from cornus sanguinea (dogwood)

Several lengths of ivy

Sprigs of red berries – we used viburnum opulus (guelder rose)

A handful of pheasant tail feathers


  1. Fill the wire base with moss and wrap with florist wire to ensure that it stays in place, this will give you a base to work from.

  2. Alternate between inserting sprigs of fir, dogwood and your choice of ivy into the moss, wrapping wire neatly over the ends to ensure they are securely in place.

  3. When you have gone all of the way round fill in any gaps and cut out any areas that have too much.

  4. Cut the guelder rose to size and insert into the wreath.

  5. Insert the feathers as you wish.

  6. Tie a little hoop of wire to the back on the wire base so that you can hang it onto a hook on the door.

Finally, your gorgeous new Christmas wreath can also double as a centrepiece for your festive table-settings. Add your pheasant feathers at a more vertical angle to give a little height and extra 3D interest, then place a large candle inside.

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