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Idyllic Townhouse Gardens

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Idyllic Townhouse Gardens

Oxford Townhouse Garden Design

Charming and charismatic spaces, we adore designing townhouse gardens and bringing smaller courtyard spaces to life with stylish landscaping and vigorous planting techniques. 

Tucked away behind the busy hustle and bustle of city life, the beauty of townhouse gardens is that they are private sanctuaries that allow you to escape for a spot of quiet time. Outdoor retreats that almost feel as if you’re no longer even in a city altogether, townhouse gardens are the perfect spots for you to take time out and unwind away from the business of everyday life within the comfort of your own home. And the fantastic thing is that no matter the size or shape of your garden, our specialist designers can help you see the potential contained in your own space, visualising striking points of interest that you might have never imagined before. Containing chic outdoor living spaces, blissful planting schemes or even sunken stepping stone pathways.

Let’s explore the many different ways that you can shape your outdoor area into an idyllic townhouse garden.

Points of interest 

When working with a slightly smaller space it’s important to create a variety of spots that guide you to explore the garden beyond. Seeming to truly expand the space, an expertly crafted garden design is the best way to achieve the most from your garden.

To enjoy your garden, no matter the weather or season, a pergola is a wonderful feature to blend into your landscape. Creating a beautifully shaded space to host outdoor feasts, summertime drinks or even cosy winter catch-ups, pergolas are available in a range of different styles and sizes to suit your exact preferences. Especially beautiful when established to sit above a raised decking or paved area, our planting designers adore putting the finishing touches to a pergola with a trained climber such as wisteria or clematis.

Embedding secluded seating areas through your garden is another wonderful way to create a versatile and functional space. From vintage garden benches to concealed garden arbours, seating areas are the perfect place to head to with a book or drink in hand, if you’re looking for a private setting to switch off.

Layer your space 

Do you have a narrow garden? Or maybe your garden is long and deceiving to the eye? Then adding levels to your outdoor space is a wonderful way to increase the visual interest of your garden whilst you embed a series of striking garden features along the way. Sunken or raised pathways are a great place to start, adding glorious height or depth to your garden. Cascading water features such as gently flowing rills or fountains are another fabulous way to seamlessly connect levels and create a cohesive design.

Awaken your senses 

To dress your garden with unique vibrancy and personality, our planting designers create heavenly planting schemes tailored to your style and your garden’s natural landscape. Crafting tranquil palettes full of fragrance and texture, planting is the key element that completes your outdoor scene.

Softening harder features such as gravel chip pathways and garden structures, the planting imparts a ‘wow factor’ to your garden and is fantastic for awakening smaller spaces with bursts of colour and year-round interest. Attracting an abundance of pollinators to explore your outdoor spaces, our planting schemes are wonderful for improving your garden’s nectar score and significantly boost biodiversity (which is especially valuable in a city garden).

When the night-time comes around there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to stay out beneath the stars and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of your garden under the moonlight. To frame the most peaceful and sublime outdoor experience, our designers embed outdoor lighting throughout our gardens. From sunken decking lights to statement spotlights, outdoor lighting is a beautiful way to enhance your garden features whilst also creating an idyllic ambience bespoke to your space.

Create a productive garden

We often find that our customers believe that they must have acres of space to have a kitchen garden, but this isn’t the case. The beauty of culinary gardens is that they can be slotted into a garden of any size, in some capacity.

From raised beds to flourishing pots and planters, create a productive growing space and harvest an array of your top kitchen garden ingredients. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme and mint are just a few examples that are incredibly useful to have at arm’s length to boost your homemade meals with garden fresh flavours.

Interested in transforming your townhouse garden into an idyllic garden escape? Talk to us today and find out how we can morph your outdoor space into a beautifully serene city retreat. 

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