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9 Essential Spring Garden Features

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9 Essential Spring Garden Features

Spring Garden Features

Lighter evenings and warmer days, springtime will soon be upon us! So, to ensure that your garden is ready in perfect time for the warmer months ahead, we’ve put together a quick guide to 9 of our most essential spring garden features. 

Known as the season of new beginnings, with brightly coloured blooms leaping into fruition and pollinators reappearing, spring is a truly charming season in the horticultural calendar. With prolonged and brighter days, we naturally find ourselves gravitating outside for garden drinks in the soft spring sunshine, spending time immersing our senses in the beauty of our outdoor spaces.

To best enjoy your outdoor areas there are a few simple ways that you can design and shape your garden into a stunning springtime retreat that continues to flourish season after season, welcoming guests in to enjoy your landscape all year round. With these 9 essential spring garden features, our team guarantees that your garden with look breathtaking every spring, for years to come.

1. Stylish seating areas

Framing a heavenly spot for garden drinks and nibbles, an assortment of stylish seating areas dotted throughout your landscape is a fantastic way to fill your space with versatile and leisurely garden areas. Creating a sheltered spot for you to carry on your celebrations rain or shine, our landscaping team craft breathtaking pergolas that slot seamlessly throughout your gardenscape.

2. Outdoor dining spaces

If you’re a keen cook then an outdoor kitchen space is a springtime essential! Transforming your garden into a luxury and liveable landscape, outdoor kitchen spaces are perfect for treating your family to a variety of scrumptious garden feasts.

3. Fresh planting schemes

With our landscapes coming into themselves, spring is a time where our gardens begin to flourish beautiful collections of exotic and nectar-rich blooms. From structured evergreens to the statement spring delights of Narcissus, planting schemes are perfect for awakening your garden with bursts of visual interest and charming perfumes.

4. Glorious greenhouses

A busy time in the greenhouse, during the spring months our horticulturalists are sowing handfuls of seedlings and potting up over-wintered cuttings of perennials too. An essential garden feature, glasshouses are beautiful garden structures that are a vital helping hand in your garden throughout all seasons.

5. Begin a kitchen garden

Renowned as the season of new starts, there is no better time to kickstart a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle than with a flourishing kitchen garden. Burgeoning all of your culinary favourites, kitchen gardens are the best garden feature for growing an abundance of homegrown produce that boosts your meals with nutrients and fills your recipes with flavour.

6. Dreamy water features 

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as tuning into the hypnotic sounds of gently flowing water. From the smooth lines of a beautifully landscaped rill to the gentle ripple of a garden pond, water features invite a wealth of wildlife to explore and enter your spring garden.

7. Cutting gardens

Bursting with the vivid springtime delights of Tulipa, dahlias, sweet peas and so on, cutting gardens are glorious garden features that provide you with an abundance of freshly snipped blooms to illuminate and awaken your interiors throughout the warmer months ahead.

8. Expansive spaces 

If you’re planning on hosting a variety of upcoming garden-based events then an expansive decking or paved area is the ultimate foundation for extending your home further out into the garden. Enhanced with chic garden furniture and stylish sunken lighting techniques, an expansive social space is the best way to enjoy your garden whilst you bask in the sunshine.

9. Natural privacy 

Spending most of our time out in the garden during the spring-summer months, you want to feel as comfortable as possible and hidden from any onlooking eyes. With a helping hand from our skilled landscaping team, we use a variety of hard and soft landscaping techniques to soften your boundaries and enclose your garden for a perfectly private and secluded gardenscape. From naturally shaded trellis to structured evergreen hedging, there are so many different solutions that our designers can discuss with you.

Ready to shape your garden into a seasonal paradise? Find out how our award-winning designers could reinvent your landscape with an array of striking garden features. 

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