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7 Reasons to Redesign Your Garden

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7 Reasons to Redesign Your Garden

Garden Redesign

Does your garden scene currently feel rather plain and almost seem to be screaming out for a makeover? 

Open spaces full of potential, gardens are fundamental elements that fill your home with character but also frame magical places to make memories with your family and loved ones. Shaped to suit you and your family’s needs, this is where garden design comes in! Enabling you to shape your blank canvas garden into a flourishing landscape, the process of designing your garden allows you to tailor your outdoor space exactly to your lifestyle and tastes. Significantly improving the functionality of your outdoor spaces and providing a beautiful to area to relax and unwind, there are so many benefits of garden design. Come with us as we show you 7 reasons why you should redesign your garden now.

1. Encourages you to spend time outdoors 

Found to significantly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, being outdoors and surrounding yourself in green spaces can bring huge benefits to both your mental and physical health. Including a kitchen or cutting garden into your garden design is a great way to encourage you to spend time outdoors gardening whilst also providing you with access to beautiful homegrown blooms and nutrient-rich ingredients throughout the year.

2. Increases the value of your home 

Adding value to your everyday lifestyle, redesigning your garden can also considerably boost the value of your property too! According to a study carried out by AXA, simply having a beautifully landscaped and well-maintained garden can add up to around 20% on top of your property value. Discover the many other ways that garden design can boost the value of your home.

3. Outdoor entertainment 

Creating the illusion of greater space, the beauty of garden design is that it allows you to create an extra collection of rooms without actually extending your home. From snug garden seating areas to elegant dining spaces, by including an array of chic garden features such as pergolas and gazebos within your design you are instantly able to frame a variety of versatile and social spots that can be used all year round for a number of occasions.

4. Greater security

Looking to add a touch of privacy to your gardenscape? Personal and private spaces, we understand how important it is to feel safe and secure within your own garden. To achieve natural boundaries and to prevent prying eyes we include a variety of effective landscaping techniques such as screening and fencing to enclose your garden without affecting your garden’s natural aesthetic. Discover how we landscape gardens to promote safety and sanctuary.

5. Support wildlife 

Incredibly important to us humans, gardens are also vital for supporting ecosystems and local wildlife. Including beautiful garden design features such as ponds, planting schemes and cutting gardens into your landscape can significantly enhance your garden whilst also providing food and shelter to a range of garden creatures.

6. Improve and enhance your lifestyle

If you’re looking to boost your lifestyle then the garden is a fantastic place to start. Maybe you’re hoping to kickstart a new fitness regime and you have a little extra space to spare? Fitted with professional sound systems and air conditioning, bring the gym to you with your very own garden room. Or if you’re looking for a spot of more gentle exercise then a kitchen garden is a great place for a light workout. As you maintain and care for your garden you will boost your heart rate and even reap the rewards at the end with an abundance of freshly homegrown fruits and vegetables.

7. Perfect timing

With 2024 just around the corner there is no better time than now to start thinking about what you want to achieve from your garden design. Whether you’re looking to create an idyllic landscape garden dressed with waves of beautiful blooms or the ultimate entertainment garden filled with scenic seating spots, now is the ultimate time to kickstart your design process before we head into the New Year (and most importantly, so that your garden is ready just in time for the warmer months ahead!).

Interested in redesigning your outdoor space?  Get in touch today to find out how our expert designers could transform your garden into an idyllic landscape.

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