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Woody Notes

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Woody Notes

woody notes

Nothing screams “welcome home” more than the harmonious crackle of a toasty open fire. 

Energetic flames leap into the air whilst golden sparks dance in the dusk. A spectacular household attraction that enables you to become at one with your senses. 

The fireside is a place that unifies us. It is a place where we spend time with our loved ones and snuggle down for a spot of quality time. 

Here at The Oxfordshire Gardener, we believe that home interiors, furnishings and gardens play a crucial role in everyday life and frame an array of idyllic spaces to make wonderful memories with your friends and family. A key symbol of safety, family and love, firesides are magical places that are extremely popular during the festive season. So come with us, as we set up a collection of snug fireside scenes, and show you how to create an even cosier home this winter. 

Seasonal scents

An open fire is guaranteed to get you into the festive spirit. Why not build your very own fire to snuggle up next to with our charming Campden Fire Bowl. Perfect for toasting marshmallows or for cuddling up next to, away from the cold. This vintage-style fire bowl is ideal for bringing the family together. 

Here at The Oxfordshire Gardener we love to add fresh ingredients to our flames to create truly unique fireside scents. Why not try adding fresh cut rosemary or dried orange peel to your idyllic blaze? Await a refreshingly woody aroma that will both enhance your cosy fireside feel and delight your senses. 

Channel your inner lumberjack

After taking a trip down to the garden, make sure to store your freshly collected and local logs within our Burnham Log Basket. Sit back and stoke a lively fire with logs in reaching distance. 

To add a traditional twinkle to your outdoor adventures, take our Large Luau Lantern to light your way. Stay out under the stars and chat away whilst our striking Luau Lanterns flickers away. 

And for excess logs? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Store them in our Strachey Log Basket and transport them throughout the house wherever you wish! This delightful basket is a household necessity and emanates natural elegance when propped up against an inviting fireplace. 

The final scene 

Unite all of these exquisite elements and create a heavenly fireside scene. Prop one of our beautiful log baskets against the fireside and enjoy fresh logs at your fingertips. And now just sit back and relax whilst a crowd of flickering flames waves at you.

But to truly complete the vision wrap up warm in our Tack Lambswool Blanket. Patterned with a nod to the equine, this silky throw bears a sense of the countryside whilst keeping you truly cosy. Or if you’re seeking a simple style then why not try our fabulous Faroe Throw. Made from 100% pure new wool, this throw guarantees ultimate cosiness and comfort. 

So snuggle up next to the fire and orchestrate a gallery of absolutely unforgettable winter scenes within your home. After all, there is nothing like spending time at home in the winter with the ones you love most. So come on in and explore more of our Oxfordshire Gardener Store today. 

Fallen in love with our fireside scene and want to see more? Why not browse our store further and create your very own fairy-tale interiors.  

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