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Urban and Rural Landscapes

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Urban and Rural Landscapes

Urban Rural Landscape

Gardens come in all different shapes, sizes, locations and settings. From expansive rural landscapes to secluded urban courtyards, we adore how every garden design project has its own unique environment and backstory. 

When designing urban and rural landscape gardens there are many different factors and structures that can be tailored to enhance the design. Rural gardens traditionally are known for their wide and open canvases, which can be quite daunting at first, but there are range of ways in which you can landscape your garden to become one cohesive space. However with urban gardens, these tend to be slightly smaller spaces. So, using a variety of innovative landscaping techniques, it is an essential step within the design to make sure that you are making the most of your space. From city garden retreats to sweeping countryside grounds, let’s find out how our skilled landscaping team craft authentic outdoor spaces to suit your gardens natural surroundings.

Townhouse gardens 

In large towns and cities, garden spaces tend to be slightly smaller in size with houses being much larger in height. In London, Oxfordshire and beyond we are often amazed by the wonderful shapes and spaces that are concealed behind busy cityscapes. No matter the size or shape of your townhouse garden, it is always our priority to make the most of every space when putting together a slick garden design. With a helping hand from a range of original and innovative landscaping techniques, you can reinvent your townhouse garden into an exclusive city garden, burgeoning and flourishing to frame your very own private paradise. Our Summertown townhouse project was a particular highlight of ours and perfectly demonstrates how you can put your outdoor space to the test. Let’s uncover a range of features that you can include within your urban hideaway.

1. Outdoor rooms

Are you known as the queen or king of drinks and nibbles? Or maybe you’re more of a keen al fresco diner? Then why not extend your home into a series of social outdoor retreats. From stylishly snug seating areas to trendy outdoor kitchens, transform your garden into an inviting functional hub.

2. Tiered gardens

Adding tiered levels to your outdoor scene is a wonderful way of boosting your garden with visual interest. Guiding your eye to explore the pathways and structures beyond, including a series of levels within your garden’s design instantly adds a unique and modern essence to your home’s exterior. Envision a natural stone patio or a contemporary span of decking that gently leads up to a secluded seating area, adjacent to a calming water feature. Your very own private hideaway, crafted to drift you away from the busyness of city life.

3. Raised beds 

Ever dreamed of having your very own kitchen or cutting garden but just can’t seem to find the space? Well what if we told you that no matter the size of your garden, you still can! Incredibly versatile, raised beds can be slotted into a variety of previously tricky garden spaces. Allowing you access to fresh home grown produce or delightfully fragrant cut blooms, raised beds enable you to bring garden goodness into your home all year round.

Country Gardens 

At first thought, the design of a countryside garden can feel like a rather large task. Traditionally known to possess rather expansive and abundant gardens, country gardens can sometimes feel like a blank canvas that you just don’t know how to fill. But, with the helping hand of an expert designer you can transform your grounds from a simple scene into an idyllic landscape garden, brimming with fragrant blooms and an assembly of unique structures. Let’s see how you can make the most of your space with a series of unique and picturesque garden features.

1. Kitchen and cutting gardens

Looking to enhance your lifestyle with a variety of sustainable living choices? Then a kitchen garden could be the perfect solution. Turn a blank space into a thriving culinary garden and enrich your meals with fresh and nutritious produce picked straight from the garden. Or if you find yourself constantly buying shop bought blooms, then why not considerably reduce your carbon footprint by installing your very own cutting garden? With freshly cut flowers just a walk away, your interiors will both be looking and smelling divine.

2. Striking features 

Country gardens are filled with personality and charming character, therefore there is no better way than to emphasise their beauty than by blending a number of garden features to sit seamlessly throughout the landscape. Arbours, pergolas and gazebos are just a few eye catching structures that can be used for you to enjoy your garden all year round, no matter the season. If you’re looking to diffuse more of a calming notion throughout your country garden, then water features such as ponds and fountains are an elegant addition that considerably boost the sensory impact of your garden. Completing a truly mesmerising country scene, the sculpture fountain situated in the parterre gardens at Waddesdon Manor is a wonderful example of garden fountain artistry, that beautifully highlights how the inclusion of a fountain can circulate a graceful notion throughout your grounds.

3. Create a wildflower meadow

Do you have a large patch of land that is in desperate need of rejuvenation? Crucial for attracting wildlife and beneficial pollinators into the garden, wildflower meadows craft a glorious countryside scene. Providing shelter to animals and a source brimming with nectar-rich blooms, wildflower meadows are both incredibly aesthetic but also play an essential role in supporting local ecosystems.

Eager to learn more about how we create urban and rural landscape gardens? Get in touch today and let’s talk through your garden design ideas. 

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