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The Beauty of Wildflowers

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The Beauty of Wildflowers


Essential in supporting our ecosystems, wildflowers are incredibly important blooms that provide pollinators with a valuable food source throughout the year. 

Does your garden currently contain a series of unused and blank spaces? Maybe you even have an expansive piece of land that you just don’t quite know what to do with. Great or small, blank outdoor spaces are the perfect locations for establishing a beautiful patch filled with wildflowers. From creating an expansive wildflower meadow to laying wildflower turf, discover the beauty behind these glorious blooms and uncover a variety of ways that you can include wildflowers into your landscape.

What are wildflowers? 

Wildflowers are native blooms that can be found naturally growing in a variety of different locations and environments. Wildflowers are usually found growing in meadows and woodlands, to vast wetland spaces. Crucial sources of food for pollinators and creating protected habitats for wildlife, wildflowers are able to significantly boost local ecosystems, purifying the air and lessening the impact of soil erosion.

Why are wildflowers important? 

Safe havens for wildlife to congregate and thrive, wildflower habitats are incredibly important spaces that are sadly becoming more sparse every year. Helping to boost biodiversity, prevent flooding and helping to slow down the effects of climate change, wildflower areas are invaluable spaces that are in desperate need of being replenished throughout the UK. In a report by the WWF, they found that on just one single summer’s day, just one acre of wildflowers could contain 1kg of nectar!

How can I thread wildflowers into my own landscape? 

If you’re looking to replenish a large space, wildflower meadows with mown pathways provide you with a glorious garden route. A fabulous way to add a tapestry of colour throughout your garden, wildflower meadows are wonderful for both sensory and visual interest.

For a slightly smaller space, wildflower beds and borders are another great way that you can include native blooms into your garden, awakening your landscape with beautiful colours and fragrance.

Embed wildflowers into your landscape and create a pollinator-friendly paradise. Talk to us today to discover how our soft landscaping team could enhance your garden with wildflowers. 

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