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Gardens Without Grass

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Gardens Without Grass

Gardens Grass

A contemporary style that we have noticed rising considerably in popularity, grass-free gardens have become a highly desired element in the world of garden design. 

Low maintenance and framing a slick garden aesthetic, gardens without grass have become a great garden design option due to their convenient yet beautiful nature. If you have an outdoor area in need of a makeover or if you’re simply looking for a no-mow alternative then a grass-free design may be the perfect solution for you and your garden. Come with us as we take a look into a selection of grass-free garden designs that could re-invent your outdoor space into a trendy landscape.

Gravel Gardens 

A highly decorative material that imparts both depth and texture within many of our garden designs, gravel is a glorious element that can frame a variety of stylish garden vistas. A versatile material that is available in a range of colours to suit any palette of your choosing, gravel gardens are also environmentally friendly as they assist with drainage, supporting natural water cycles. With a collection of gently twisting pathways and garden walkways, gravel gardens hugely boost the visual and physical interest of your garden.

When bringing gravel gardens to life with planting, we are most fond of the Mediterranean palettes of Lavandula, Agapanthus and beloved ornamental grasses such as Stipa barbata. Incredibly hardy and drought-tolerant plants, these varieties are the perfect fit due to their tolerance and adaptability to the environment. Drought-tolerant schemes also include delightful plants that produce bright and vivid blooms, ensuring to dress your gravel garden with both a touch of colour and movement. Never needing to be watered, Beth Chatto’s highly renowned gravel garden is a remarkable example that combines a striking combination of drought-tolerant planting to frame a unique scene, burgeoning with beautiful colours and textures.

Japanese Zen Gardens

Crafted to radiate calm and cleansing auras, Japanese Zen gardens are another type of garden style that do not require any grass areas be to included within the design. Stemming from Japan, Zen gardens were initially created as peaceful and minimalistic spaces in which monks visited to contemplate. Consisting of minimal yet effective planting schemes, bamboo, wisteria and ornamental cherry trees are just a few examples of varieties that we often see included within Japanese Zen gardens. Adding a pop of colour and eye-catching structure, these elegant plants are perfect for creating a vision of tranquility, enhancing the atmosphere of your traditional Zen garden beautifully.

Large stepping stone pathways embedded within expansive stretches of fine gravel or sand are another popular Zen garden feature, as when raked, these materials can give the effect of moving water. Archways and bridges situated over a secluded stream can also be seen throughout a variety of Zen garden designs. With water features being well known for their calming effects, ponds and waterfalls are often situated within many Zen garden designs as the main garden attraction.

Water Gardens 

If you have a large blank canvas of land that you want to switch from lawn to luxury, then a water garden may be a wonderful avenue for you to explore. From babbling waterfalls to sweeping garden ponds, water features are glorious garden components that have the ability to fill any empty space with a unique and relaxing aspect. Filled with oxygenating plants and enriched with an aquatic-friendly planting scheme, water gardens are the ultimate composition of peace.

Knot Gardens

Inspired by the structure of knotted rope, knot gardens sway away from wilder garden styles and take a more formal appearance. Sculpted from structural plants such as Ilex crenata and Buxus sempervirens, knot gardens create gorgeous patterned designs that are typically infilled with various herbs and other highly fragrant shrubs. Originating from England, knot gardens paint a luxurious garden scene, awakening your senses and boasting precisely trimmed symmetry. A design that does typically require a touch more care, the breathtaking nature of these gardens makes this style a worthy investment.

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