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Pergolas and Gazebos – How are they different?

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Pergolas and Gazebos – How are they different?

Pergola gazebos

Pergolas and gazebos are two beautiful garden structures that our skilled design team adore integrating into our landscape designs. 

With the warmer summer weather swiftly approaching, now is the perfect time to install a glorious garden gazebo or pergola into your gardenscape. Framing idyllic spots for you to host alfresco feasts or cosy evening drinks, both pergolas and gazebos are wonderfully sheltered features that are essential to every garden design. Creating a series of shaded and stylish garden spots, these outdoor features are the best way to enjoy your garden and soak up your surroundings all year round. Often confused, pergolas and gazebos are very similar structures but also have many differences too. Let’s unpack the main differences between these structures and let’s find out which feature would be better suited to both your garden and your style.

What are pergolas? 

Pergolas are beautiful garden elements that can be effortlessly embedded into your landscape design. Modern and stylish garden structures, pergolas are incredibly popular in contemporary garden designs. Known to have first appeared in the 1640s, pergolas are newer structures than gazebos in the world of garden design and have therefore been developed and adapted over the decades. Striking freestanding features, pergolas can also be attached to the exterior of your home too to enhance a greater bond between both your interiors and your surrounding outdoor spaces.

Most commonly constructed from metal or wooden beams, pergolas are a stylish way to add a secluded seating or dining area into your gardenscape. Also used as a framework to train climbers such as grapevines, wisteria or climbing roses, pergolas can also dot a collection of fragrant and vibrant garden walkways throughout your garden scene.

Boosting your design with a fresh and modern look, a pergola is a fantastic structure to include within your project and can be shaped to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

What are gazebos? 

Historic structures that have been located in Egyptian garden sketches dating around 1400 BC, gazebos are ancient garden elements. Viewed throughout history as one of the most luxurious and prestigious leisure elements, gazebos are grand structures that add a touch of grandeur and elegance to any landscape.

Typically four-sided, gazebos are bold freestanding structures that provide the greatest protection from all weather conditions with their hard-wearing and decorative roofs. With some gazebos incorporating benches inside, these structures are perfect for hosting garden parties to peaceful evening drinks.

Statement features, gazebos are wonderful for adding visual interest to your garden too and can be further decorated with curtains or shutters for an extra layer of shelter. Boasting a traditional and classic look, gazebos are popular in Victorian garden designs and are perfect for adding a luxurious feel to your outdoor space.

Looking to enhance your garden with a charming pergola or gazebo? Talk to our skilled garden designers to discover the best outdoor living features for you and your garden.

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