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Our Top Bulbs for Spring 2024

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Our Top Bulbs for Spring 2024

Spring Bulbs

As the weather begins to cool and with September fast approaching, it’s that time again to start thinking about putting together your spring bulb collections for 2024. 

With soil retaining the summer heat perfectly throughout the early autumn months, these conditions mean that September-October is the prime time to begin planting your spring-flowering bulbs. Settling their roots into the soil and cosying down for the colder months ahead, bulbs are especially best planted at this time of year so that they can get the best head start at the first signs of the growing season. Illuminating the garden with bursts of bright and vibrant colour, let’s uncover our planting designer’s top springtime bulbs for 2024!

1. Galanthus nivalis ‘Flore Pleno’ 

For an early pop of spring colour, Galanthus nivalis otherwise known as ‘the double snowdrop’ is a wonderful early springtime bloom. Flowering from as early as January through until March, these gorgeous cream blooms create a mesmerising scene when planted in clumps and drifts. Pleasing the eye and diffusing a dreamy scent throughout the garden these delicate woodland blooms are the perfect floral additions to signify that spring has officially sprung.

2. Scilla siberica

Also known as Siberian squill, these charming bulbous perennials are beautiful clump-forming blooms. Showing off a pure abundance of blue or white petals, these vivid flowers are best suited to areas of semi-shade. Best planted in well-drained soil, Scilla siberica is a planting variety that our designers love to use to awaken a grassy space or to include within many gravel garden designs.  

3. Camassia leichtlinii

Extremely hardy plants and wonderful for attracting pollinators into the garden, Camassia leichtlinii otherwise known as ‘wild hyacinths’ are a beautiful garden additions that look utterly divine when planted in drifts through long grass. Originating from North America, these striking lilac blooms are fabulous floral showstoppers for integrating within wildflower planting schemes. Flowering from May until June, these nectar-rich delights especially thrive in an area that receives plenty of sunshine.

4. Narcissus

Most commonly known as the daffodil, Narcissi are beautiful clump-forming blooms that are the true symbol of spring. Adapted to any garden or style, these vibrant blooms are typically found in shades of golden yellow and creamy white. Boasting tall and striking flowerheads, daffodils are delightful cutting garden additions, providing beautifully cut springtime blooms to enhance your interiors.  Our planting designers usually choose five varieties from early through to late flowering including good cut flowers. Once gathered all together in a trug, we then plant en masse in significant areas within our planting designs.

5. Tulipa

Framing breathtaking carpets of texture and colour, tulips are gorgeous springtime bulbs that are available in a range of shades, sizes and forms. A late season delight, one of our planting team’s favourite varieties has to be Tulipa ‘Finola’. With petals blending from pink to white, these beautiful pastel blooms are an idyllic planting addition that brings any springtime scheme to life with floral radiance. For a greater sense of depth our designers often include Tulipa Mascara. Bearing rich and deep tinted petals, these red velvet blooms are wonderful for adding contrast to a range of beds and borders, flowering from April until May. If you’re trying to create a strong cottage garden feel then Tulipa ‘Spring Green’ is a delightful planting choice to introduce within your scheme. With petals infused with shades of cream and sage, this is a classic tulip variety that is best planted a little later in October. Perfect for containers and cutting gardens, these tulips are hardy perennials that frame a heavenly springtime scene.

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