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Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Landscape Design for 2024

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Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Landscape Design for 2024

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With autumn on the approach, there’s no better time than now to start getting your garden prepped and ready for 2024. 

You’re probably thinking that it’s far too soon, but autumn is in fact the perfect time to begin your garden re-design journey. Allowing time for both the design and landscaping process, seizing the colder months when your garden is in a more dormant state guarantees that your garden will be ready in time for the warmer months ahead. With idyllic designs consisting of bespoke planting schemes and authentic garden features, our skilled landscaping team make the most of the colder seasons in order to give your garden the best head start for the summertime. Come with us and let’s uncover the main reasons why now is the best time for you to start thinking about transforming your garden into a dreamy outdoor escape.

A quieter time of year 

Once your design is finalised and plans have been set in motion the garden becomes shaped into a temporary project site whilst our team transforms your landscape into an idyllic scene. Due to the colder shifts in weather we typically spend less time out in the garden as we do in summer, therefore this makes the autumn/winter months the optimum time to landscape your garden. With fewer opportunities for time spent outdoors and with the garden lying dormant, this means that you can commence your garden design project at a time that will cause as little disruption to your everyday life as possible. With many plants and shrubs reducing back in the colder seasons, this also makes the garden a much more accessible space for your landscaping team throughout the process of the project.

Prepped and ready for summer 

One of the most important and beneficial reasons for landscaping during autumn/winter is that it ensures that your garden will be ready just in time for the arrival of the following summer. After an initial consultation and with the eye of our award-winning designer, your design can then soon be brought to life. Therefore, beginning this process earlier gives both you and your project the perfect amount of time to be ready just in time for the arrival of the warmer weather. So, to make sure that next year you and your family can make the most of your garden in summer 2024, don’t procrastinate any longer and kickstart your garden design project today.

Wildlife conscious 

As the colder months begin to creep up on us this causes a lot of wildlife to become dormant. With many small mammals such as hedgehogs preparing to hibernate for the bitter months ahead, in ponds, frogs are also swimming down to the depths. Birds, bees and butterflies are also much less active as pollinators reduce back during these months. Therefore, with wildlife being much less present in the garden this allows much more opportunity for you to landscape your garden, at a time that will bring as little disruption to local wildlife as possible.

Planting schemes 

You may have frequently heard the phrase “you can’t plant in winter”. However this is a myth that is not the case with every plant. If you are looking to bring your garden to life with a breathtaking planting scheme integrated within your garden design then you still can no matter the season. As long as the ground is not frozen and is in a suitable condition for planting then our expert soft landscaping team are still able to plant a variety of plants. Flourishing beautifully in the colder climates, there are also a number of gorgeous winter-flowering plants that can be incorporated within your scheme. Hellebores, snowdrops, and Sarcococca are just a few examples of winter-flowering plants that thrive in the colder conditions whilst filling your garden with a divine winter palette.

Eager to re-design your garden in time for summer 2024? Get in touch with us today to set your garden design project in motion. 

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