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Lawncare: Extraordinary Lawns

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Lawncare: Extraordinary Lawns

autumn lawn care

Autumn is the perfect time for lawn care.

After summer’s harsh heatwaves, lawns require a helping hand of care to get them back into tip-top shape for the cooler months ahead. But as this year’s seemingly endless summer fades from our immediate consciousness, autumn tempests are rolling in from the Atlantic. From early morning mizzle, that whilst appearing reasonably harmless somehow manages to soak you so deeply that it feels as though its seeped all the way through to your bones, to the lavish downpours full with a sense of foreboding, it’s not only us that are getting a soaking but our lawns too.

With lawns continuing to spring into action and growth surging forth, grasses have remarkable resilience and can bounce back quickly after summer once they’ve received a few days of rain. However, with many lawns still suffering a few signs of summer damage, this is where a spot of autumn lawn care can further enhance their power of recovery and is why autumn (and spring) are the times of year when we offer our clients lawns some extra TLC with a healthy dose of care.

Lawns are often overlooked features, yet these ubiquitous plant-communities are the workhorses of the garden, providing soft though generally hard-wearing surfaces for walking, wheeling and fun-and-game filled summers, but just like the other, more showy specimens in your garden, these colonies of tiny plants still need some care to keep them looking their best. But given their amazing resilience and the practical, usable nature of their lush expanse, rather than paying minimal attention to an indistinguishable green mass, why not make the lawn a key feature of your garden?

Read on for our top 3 ways to make your lawn extraordinary: 

1) Create your own grassy knoll

Grassy knoll topped with glass sculpture lawncare and extraordinary lawns

Whether it be a vantage point to survey all before you or as a focal point to display a sculpture as in the example above, creating your very own Jarn Mound to climb adds interest to an otherwise flat landscape.

Prefer to burrow down than hit dizzying heights? How about a turfed amphitheatre?

Drawing of a garden lawn amphitheatre

2) Pattern-Cutters:

Lawn mown with unusual jubilee design based on the union jack

Prefer to keep your lawn level? There’s still plenty of scope to do something creative. With some proper lawn care, your lawn should look lush and plentiful, so how about making use of all that healthy growth by mowing a pattern into it. The ‘Jubilee Lawn’ above is a stylised, yet naturalistic Union Jack design, which our team keep looking smart by closely cutting sharp, straight diagonal pathways through grass allowed to grow long, but you could utilise circular shapes mown into ornamental grasses for sitting and enjoying watching the long grasses shift and sway in the wind. 

3) Shape-Up:

Contemporary circular lawn design

Lastly, think about shape and form. Adding sinuous curves to lawn boundaries with circular, lozenge-form or free-form shapes lends a sensuous, dreamy-feel to the gardenscape, whether it’s clean-lined contemporary style or softly billowing cottage garden borders. It’s not only mood that can be influenced by clever use of shape and form, but perspective too can be used to it’s best advantage. Unexpected lawn shapes give a totally different aspect and can be used to make smaller garden feel bigger and large gardens feel more homely. For example, laying a rhombus-shaped lawn on a diagonal plane really opens out a smaller garden, whilst creating a number of smaller curvier lawns and beds within a large garden breaks up the space.

Inspired to create a more artful lawned landscape? We’d love to hear your thoughts for your garden. Get in touch with us today.

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