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How to Create a Hygge Garden

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How to Create a Hygge Garden


The cosy living term ‘hygge’ is a concept that has taken the interior and landscape design scene by storm. 

Originating from Denmark, ‘hygge’ is an idea that focuses on wellness and explores the importance of finding time out to enjoy your surroundings with your family and friends. This has since transformed into its very own Scandi style, with many of us looking to create cosy and intimate areas throughout our homes and outdoor spaces. The warmth of hygge can now be seen popping up throughout many contemporary designs, with a number of soft furnishing elements such as blankets, lighting and furniture being specifically chosen to enhance the notion of ‘hygge’. When designing gardenscapes for our clients, we often create garden rooms that are heavily inspired by the hygge style. From cosy outdoor dining areas to chic garden hideaways, let’s take a look and see how a blend of garden structures and furnishings can help you frame your very own heavenly hygge hideaway.

Snug garden structures 

Incredibly versatile features, garden structures are fantastic for framing a hygge inspired garden as they can be effortlessly moulded to the seasons and used all year round. Pergolas are wonderfully cosy spaces, that can be roofed to shelter you from all kinds of weather conditions so that you can continue to make the most of your garden no matter the time of year. In preparation for cosy winter catchups and dining, ensure that your pergola is filled with warmth by adding the charming crackle of a firepit or a selection of stylish outdoor heaters.

If you’re looking to add an elegant touch of structure to your landscape, then a grand garden gazebo could be the perfect fit for your home. Creating a divine space for outdoor dining and chic seating, gazebos are a great way to enjoy your garden vista all year round. Also able to be transformed into a poolside hangout or hot tub shelter, we adore including gazebos within our designs due to their multipurpose and adaptable nature.

To diffuse the optimum hygge aura throughout your garden, then a spa retreat is a no brainer. With wellness and relaxation at the heart of the design, embed an outdoor tub, sauna or steam room into your landscape to create a private spot of tranquility, designed bespoke, corresponding effortlessly with your home’s natural setting.

A touch of lighting 

At nighttime your garden comes to life and is a wonderful time for you and your family to enjoy your surroundings together. To enhance your garden structures in the evening with a hint of hygge, decorate your features with a variety of ambient outdoor lighting techniques. Add the glimmering flickers of fairy lights or lanterns and watch how a touch of lighting can illuminate your spaces with a warm evening aura. Framing a series of divine outdoor spots, garden lighting is the perfect way to circulate a cosy atmosphere whilst you spend time winding down with your family and friends underneath the stars.

Stylish soft furnishings 

Effortlessly slotted beneath a pergola or gazebo, frame a truly idyllic seating area by completing your structure with a chic outdoor lounge area. Decorated with outdoor-friendly rugs, cushions and blankets, garden-friendly furnishings are fabulous for transforming your statement features into a series of exclusive garden hideaways. Dressed with scented candles for optimum cosiness, soft furnishings bring your spaces to life with personality and create a selection of dreamy retreats for you to snuggle down and unwind within.

Secluded garden rooms

If you have a rather large garden and are looking to make the most of your space then a garden room is a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your outdoors.  Extending your home, garden rooms can be shaped to suit you and your families lifestyle. To continue the hygge ambience, why not morph your garden room into a bespoke outdoor cinema? Filled with a number of plump armchairs and silky soft blankets, fall back and get comfy as you get lost in one of your best loved blockbuster classics.

Planting for winter interest 

Planting can too be used to evoke a spiritual and hygge sensation. To fill with the garden with cosy winter scents and textures, winter planting schemes are the best way to awaken your garden with pops of seasonal interest. A statement feature bloom, hellebores are a favourite of our planting design team due to their tremendous contrasts between foliage and flower. Flowering December- May, these charming perennials are glorious for filling the garden with a splash of colour during the colder, cosier months. Shrubs such as Sarcococca and Skimmia are two more example plants that we often incorporate within many of our winter designs due to their textured evergreen structures, beautiful berries and delightful fragrances.

Eager to add a touch of hygge to your outdoor spaces? Get in touch with us today to find out how our masterly design team could sculpt your garden into a cosy wellness inspired landscape. 

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