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Landscaping Your Stables

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Landscaping Your Stables

Stable Landscaping

Looking to landscape your yard into a breathtaking stable scene? 

If you keep your horses at home, why not reinvent and transform your stables into your dream equine facility? Designed with a selection of idyllic entrances, natural fencing techniques and expansive paved spaces, there are a variety of landscaping features that you can use to create a truly magnificent stable block. From rustic furnishings to vast hard standings, let’s explore a few ways in which our skilled in-house landscaping team could shape a section of your garden into a dreamy equine retreat.


If your stables are tucked within a separate space within your garden, then why not create a dreamy entrance that welcomes you in every time. Adding elegance and grandeur to your stables, an avenue of trees can frame a truly striking entrance and welcoming sensation to your stable scenery. Deemed as safe by the BHS (British Horse Society), Ash, Birch and Willow trees are a few glorious varieties that could be used to frame a symmetrical and breathtaking stable driveway or entrance.

Hedges are another wonderful planting alternative that you could use to create a slick and seamless stable entrance. Hawthorn, Hazel and Elder are just a few horse-friendly plants that can be used to create a beautiful and orderly row of hedging.

Stylish fencing 

Enclosing your stables with optimum security and privacy, there are numerous fencing styles and materials that you can choose from to suit your stable scene. From rustic rail fencing to softer wooden fencing techniques, fencing is a fabulous way to make your stables more secure and safe for both yourself and your horses. Used to form paddocks, enclose fields or to even form riding arenas, fencing is an essential landscaping feature that can be implemented in many different aspects of your equine space.

Water features

Fountains are often seen at a series of grand stable spaces however sometimes large bodies of moving water can cause horses and ponies to spook. Therefore if you are looking to include water into your stable scene then a natural pond is a fantastic way to create an idyllic spot at your stables without potentially frightening your horses. Adding glorious visual interest to your equine space, these natural ponds can also be designed to be used as aquatic exercise areas for your horses too.

Outdoor living 

Horses require a lot of looking after. Therefore if you’re a keen equestrian and you find yourself almost living down at the stables then an outdoor living space is an essential element to add to your stable space. Set adjacent to your tack room or storage rooms, why not integrate a pergola into the layout of your garden barn? Providing a beautiful spot to take a moment of time out to enjoy lunch or a refreshment after a busy day of riding or mucking out down at the stables, these outdoor living spaces provide a great place for you to relax, out of the sunshine or rain.

Looking to landscape your yard into an elegant stable space? Talk to our design team to uncover how we use specialist landscaping techniques to complete idyllic equine retreats.

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